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Wellbeing Wednesdays!

This page will keep you updated with each of our Wellbeing Wednesday activities and strategies! Please do encourage your grown ups at home to try them too!




Wednesday 28th April - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Today, we took Wellbeing Wednesday outside and stopped to think of...

5 things we could see

4 things we could hear

3 things we could feel

2 things we could smell

1 thing we could taste


Activities like this can really help to focus the mind and connect us to the 'here and now' and can be very calming. We discussed how everyone could try activity at any time that they feel overwhelmed or can't 'switch off'. This is also an activity that we could do with our family to make sure we all take time to stop and appreciate the world around us.

Wednesday 21st April

Still image for this video
We used this video to practice some breathing techniques that could help to calm us, ease anxiety, help us focus on something in particular or simply appreciate some quiet time!

Wednesday 14th April - Gratitude Jar

Today, we discussed the meaning and importance of 'gratitude'. We explored synonyms for the word and then shared the people, places, things and memories in our lives that we are grateful for. We wrote these all down and put them into a class 'jar' or made and decorated our own 'jar' to take home. 

This is a lovely activity that you could all do at home as a family too!


Wednesday 24th March - Rainbow of Reflection


A year on from the beginning of the forst lockdown, we came together to create 'Rainbows of Reflection' to enable us to reflect on all that we have experienced in the last twelve months. It was inspiring to see how we were able to all see some positivity during such a difficult time. 


The shapes and colours that make up our rainbows are:


Red heart - someone I love

Orange thought bubble - something I learnt during remote learning

Yellow sun - something I am looking forward to after lockdown

Green ‘explosion’ - something good that came from lockdown

Blue ‘scroll’ - words of kindness for others

Purple smiley face - someone I want to stay/become more connected to



Wednesday 17th March - Reconnecting

Staying connected to the people around us and the people who care about us is so important to our wellbeing and mental health. Upon our return to school, we have spent today talking about the importance of reconnecting with the people around us that we haven't been able to see properly due to lockdown restrictions. Children were given the opportunity to write a letter or email to someone they want to connect with, or write down the name of someone they want to call or facetime at home later. 

Wednesday 10th March - 'Inside Out'

This week, we have all returned to school after another Lockdown. We are therefore having a whole Week of Wellbeing, based on the film 'Inside Out' to make sure that we all take time to focus on our mental health and the support we might need through this return. Check out our 'awareness days' section of the website, under the 'Children' tab to see what we did this week!


Wednesday 16th December - Christmas Karaoke!

Today, we picked out our favourite Christmas songs and had a really good sing-a-long. We talked about how singing out loud can help to boost our confidence, how singing with a friend or in a group can promote a feeling of 'togetherness' and, finally, how singing can produce chemicals in our bodies that may lower feelings of stress and anxiety. Could there be a better time to let go and sing than when Christmas really is all around us!

The links below will take you to some of our school favourites from today!

Merry Christmas Everyone

All I Want for Christmas

I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday

Wednesday 9th December - Three Good Things. We took the time to reflect upon three good things that have happened to us this term. Reminding ourselves of the positive things we experience can help manage any negative thoughts or feelings a little easier :) 

Wednesday 2nd December - get your body moving!

We learnt how physical activity can focus our bodies and minds and help us to let go of negative thoughts and feelings.


                                Click here to see one of the videos we used today!


Wednesday 25th November - The Big Doodle. We put some quiet music on and our teacher gave us some different emotions to think about (happy, calm, sad, angry, loved, excited). As each emotion was called out, we doodled what came to mind. 





Wednesday 18th November - we created class Kindness Calendars in honour of World Kindness Day which was on Friday 13th November. We will be making sure we all try to do each day's Act of Kindness in school and at home!






Wednesday 11th November - we talked about how giving compliments to others can not only brighten their day, but make us feel good. Thinking about how to compliment someone helps us to focus on the good in those around us and to appreciate the family, friendship group or community that we are a part of. 





Wednesday 4th November - Roots and Branches.