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Wellbeing Wednesdays!

This page will keep you updated with each of our Wellbeing Wednesday activities and strategies! Please do encourage your grown ups at home to try them too!




Wednesday 9th December - Three Good Things. We took the time to reflect upon three good things that have happened to us this term. Reminding ourselves of the positive things we experience can help manage any negative thoughts or feelings a little easier :) 

Wednesday 2nd December - get your body moving!

We learnt how physical activity can focus our bodies and minds and help us to let go of negative thoughts and feelings.


Wednesday 25th November - The Big Doodle. We put some quiet music on and our teacher gave us some different emotions to think about (happy, calm, sad, angry, loved, excited). As each emotion was called out, we doodled what came to mind. 





Wednesday 18th November - we created class Kindness Calendars in honour of World Kindness Day which was on Friday 13th November. We will be making sure we all try to do each day's Act of Kindness in school and at home!






Wednesday 11th November - we talked about how giving compliments to others can not only brighten their day, but make us feel good. Thinking about how to compliment someone helps us to focus on the good in those around us and to appreciate the family, friendship group or community that we are a part of. 





Wednesday 4th November - Roots and Branches.