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Welcome to Nursery September 2022

Welcome to Birkdale Primary School and our Early Years Foundation Stage Nursery Class



We would like to say welcome to all our new children and their families!

Unfortunately we are unable to hold our usual visits and information meetings where we make contact with you all, so hopefully this web page will provide you with useful information before your child starts with us in the Nursery class in September.


You will have received a letter in the post which contains a welcome booklet about the Nursery class. This booklet outlines all of the practical information that will be helpful to know before your child starts in the Nursery class such as clothing, book bags and packed lunches as well as information regarding the Early Years Curriculum.

You will have also received a letter which provides you with a date for a visit to Nursery, starting dates, session times and arrangements for September.

Please note that your child will complete two part-time sessions before they start any full days as this will enable them to become familiar with the staff, classroom routine and environment before staying all day for the first time. This arrangement has been very successful in the past and ensures a smooth transition in to the Nursery class.


 Our aim is to settle the children in as quickly as possible, so that they feel confident and happy when they have to say goodbye to you at the start of the day!
There will, of course, be times when this is not the case due to the age of the nursery children, however this will be discussed with you when your child visits and starts in the class and we will make arrangements that will be appropriate for you and your child.


Uniform does not have to be worn in the Nursery class, however the children MUST wear joggers or leggings and tops should have sleeves that can be easily pushed up and down. They also need a change of clothes and underwear in a clearly named small bag. Other items such as book bags, lunchboxes, coats and water bottles also need to be clearly named as well as items of clothing. Thank you!smiley  

We also have P.E sessions on a Wednesday and for P.E the children MUST wear trainers or pumps as we go to the hall, playdeck or spend time outside for this lesson. 


Your child will also require a school Book Bag which are available to buy from the school office. The Book Bag is used to take letters and work home as well as library books so it does need to be brought to Nursery every day. It has a space for your child's name but please add a keyring to the handle as this makes it easily identifiable by your child.smiley



Other information and permission forms etc will be given to you on your child's visit to Nursery and we will spend time with you finding out about your child and how we can help them to settle quickly and happily into their new classroom and school environment.


Many children will not have attended  pre-school settings regularly such as a day nursery/playgroup or engaged in any other social play activities due to lockdown and other restrictions, therefore we will be taking this into account as they start in their new nursery class, leaving Mum and Dad and mixing with other children regularly after such a long time!  


We are really looking forward to welcoming you to our school and look forward to meeting you all in September.



Have a look at your new classroom and some of the lovely things you will be doing when you come to Nursery!