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Welcome to Nursery 2020

(Please note that we will be continually updating this page until Nursery starts in September)


Welcome to Birkdale Primary School and our Early Years Foundation Stage Nursery Class



We would like to say welcome to all our new children and their families!

Unfortunately we are unable to hold our usual visits and information meetings where we make contact with you all, so hopefully this web page will provide you with useful information before your child starts with us in the Nursery class in September.



When you arrive for your visit on Monday 7th September please can you enter school via the Nursery gate which is situated to the right of the main school entrance.

Please can you ensure that only one parent attends with your child for the hour visit.

Face coverings do not need to be worn during the visit, however normal social distancing guidelines will be applied in the classroom.

We are looking forward to meeting you all!



Following additional government guidance and a meeting of the school leaders we have had to alter the timings of the Nursery day from September. We would like to apologise for this , however it has been done to adhere to social distancing within the school playground and pavements surrounding the school as there are over 400 pupils arriving and leaving each day!

These times are now as follows and will start from Monday 14th September:


9.30am - 3.15pm for all children attending on their full days.

Children attending at the beginning of the week will have their Wednesday morning session from 9.30am - 12.00noon.

Children attending at the end of the week will have their Wednesday afternoon session
from 12.30pm - 3.15pm






We have been advised that Parents and Carers should not come in to the school building and therefore our aim is to settle the children in as quickly as possible, so that they feel confident and happy when they have to say goodbye to you at the start of the day!
There will, of course, be times when this is not the case due to the age of the nursery children, however this will be discussed with you when your child starts and we will make arrangements that will be appropriate for your child.



By Friday 10th of July you will have received a telephone call from Mrs Lucas ( Class Teacher) and this will give you an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. You should have received a 'Welcome Booklet' in the post along with a letter for your child which informs you about a time to visit the Nursery on Monday 7th September and a further letter explaining about the starting dates and arrangements for your child (Please see above for changes!)


Please note that your child will complete a number of part-time sessions before they start any full days as this will enable them to become familiar with the staff, classroom routine and environment before staying all day for the first time......As stated above there are NO changes to the times of these visits.


The 'Welcome Booklet' will provide you with information about our Early Years Curriculum and practical information regarding clothing, packed lunches, Book Bags and other essentials!


Uniform does not have to be worn in the Nursery class, however the children MUST wear joggers or leggings and tops should have sleeves that can be easily pushed up and down. They also need a change of clothes and underwear in a clearly named small bag. Other items such as book bags, lunchboxes, coats and water bottles also need to be clearly named as well as items of clothing. Thank you!smiley  

We also have P.E sessions and you will be informed on which day this takes place. For P.E the children MUST wear trainers or pumps as we go to the hall, playdeck or spend time outside for this lesson. 


Your child will also require a school Book Bag which are available to buy from the school office. The Book Bag is used to take letters and work home as well as library books so it does need to be brought to Nursery every day. It has a space for your child's name but please add a keyring to the handle as this makes it easily identifiable by your child.smiley


Your child will also have a red 'Home Activity Book' which we send home each half term. This contains a grid of activities that you can choose from to complete with your child at home.

 We then share their books with them when they are brought back to school and they show such delight in telling us all about the lovely things they have done at home. The activities are short and fun and we are sure that you will enjoy doing them with your child!


Other information and permission forms etc will be given to you on your child's visit to Nursery and we will spend time with you finding out about your child and how we can help them to settle quickly and happily into their new classroom and school environment.


Many children will not have attended their present pre-school setting such as a day nursery/playgroup or engaged in any other social play activities due to Lockdown, therefore we will be taking this into account as they start in their new nursery class, leaving Mum and Dad and mixing with other children regularly for the first time since March!   


The Nursery staff are looking forward to meeting you all in September.


Mrs Lucas - Class Teacher

Mrs Rowlands - Teaching Assistant (AM)

Mrs Wright - Teaching Assistant (AM)

Mrs McLoughlin - Teaching Assistant (PM)

Mrs James - Teaching Assistant (PM)



Nursery Staff

Left to Right - Mrs Rowlands, Mrs McLoughlin, Mrs Wright, Mrs James, Mrs Lucas







Have a look at your new classroom and some of the lovely things you will be doing when you come to Nursery!

Baking birthday cakes!
Fun in the foam!
Science in the garden....exploring and investigating!
We love building models with our friends!
Don't forget your lunch bag!
We have new toilets too!
We wash our hands with special soap!
The home corner where you can make tea and dress up too!
We have lots of places where you can play with your new friends in Nursery!
Our large sand pit has lots of different toys in every week!
We draw, write and read lots of stories in Nursery!
We hope you like doing puzzles?
Our pirate ships are fun to play with!
You hang your coat up here when you come in to Nursery.
We play outside as often as we can!
Fun with the parachute!
We have lots of toys outside to play with.
Making cakes with the playdough!
We had a garage outside and we fixed and washed our bikes and cars!
We have lots of toys outside to ride on too!
Making our own snacks.
Storytelling with puppets.
We love planting seeds and bulbs in the garden.
Painting is something we do a lot! Exploring colours and patterns.
Water play....catching fish!
Investigating and finding out what magnets can do.
Painting with a friend is much more fun!
Everyone in Nursery loves the sand!
We have wonderful construction equipment to use in the classroom!
Keeping cool on a hot day!