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Welcome to the STAR group page!

STAR stands for School Travel Action Representatives.
We meet regularly and discuss issues around travelling to school. 

We also plan and promote an Anti-Bullying Week called 'Friendship Week'


We also have a STAR noticeboard in the hall which is used to display photographs of STAR group events and reminds everyone about how we can travel to school in a healthy, sustainable and safe way. The yellow stars contain messages about travelling to school and how to be a good friend to others.

The STAR group is made up of one class representative from each of the Junior classes.

The STAR group for 2017-18 is.......


*Margot Irvine 

*Joshua Nicholl 

*Ellie Webb 

*  Maia Golabek

*Thea Salla 

*Alicia Guinan-Bolton

*Alana Eden

*Lois Molyneux


 Mrs Lucas - Link Teacher


Our first project is 'FRIENDSHIP WEEK' and this will be held at the end of November.

During Friendship week we meet up with our partner classes in school to complete a joint project.......

This year we are promoting the slogan





 We will be making posters to put up around our school to remind everyone about how important it is to look out for and look after our friends.


During the second half of the Spring Term we will be holding our




These will take place every Wednesday during the first Summer half-term ending with our 




The STAR group will design and produce a leaflet to promote this event.....which aims to promote walking to school, scooting to school and parking away and walking to school.


This year we are also going to combine it with a sponsored event to raise money for a project called 'SCHOOL IN A BAG'............Watch this space!........


We now have some fantastic news to announce!

Following our amazing 'SPONSORED WALK WITH OUR BUDDY CLASSES'  we have raised over £600 which means that we can now purchase 30 school bags filled with educational resources which will be sent to orphaned, vulnerable and disaster affected children around the world.........



Each class had a STAR wallchart to record their class numbers achieving these healthy and environmentally friendly ways of travelling to school every Wednesday and a Wheelie,Walkie Wednesday Trophy was awarded each week in assembly for the class with the highest percentage travelling to school in a sustainable way....and then hopefully the good habits will now be continued for the other weeks of the year too!




Look out for our 'BIKE IT BREAKFAST' events in the Summer Term.

Breakfast will be served in the hall and will include toast, muffins, crumpets, yoghurt and fruit.....along with water, milk, fruit juice and milkshake.

Look at some of our other projects that the STAR group have organised and promoted............


All our Year 2 children, and some children from the Junior classes have been involved in 'Learn to Ride' sessions led by Amanda Dufresne from SUSTRANS.

We would like to thank Amanda for her support and encouragement.

We have held regular 'Walk to School', 'Bling Your Bike' and 'Bike It Breakfast' events and had a fantastic 'Silly Socks Day' as well as 'Walk to School with a Friend Day'.




This award is for us all!

 'Well done' to everyone for all the activities we do here at Birkdale Primary School to promote safe cycling, scootering, considerate parking, parking away and.......... walking to school.