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 Welcome to our SEND information page. I will be adding useful information to this page as I find it and hopefully it will support you with your home teaching and learning!


If you have any concerns or require any support, I can be reached at

Do not feel like you are on your own!

Nicola Grice ( Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator)



Here is a list of useful websites organised into the four areas of need. I appreciate the list may appear overwhelming but you don't need it all!! If you are unsure what your child's needs are they can be found at the top of their SEND support plan. Have a look at their targets and just focus on one area at a time.

Overlearning is key! By repeating the same rhyme, story, song, action etc.  over and over again you are helping to embed the learning into their long term memory.

Remember, the most important thing is to make it fun!! Good luck!!


Speech Language and communication and interaction

Social, Emotional and mental health


Cognition and learning




Sensory and/or physical needs

Self help and independence