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 Birkdale Primary School Council! 


Our School Council Representatives are such an important part of our school community and, each year, they contribute to the continual development and improvement of our school.

They are responsible for the following key areas:


  • Pupil Voice - each Class Councillor represents the 'voice' of their class. They are the go-to person if a child wants to make any changes, improvements or share ideas for the future of our school. In addition to this, they carry out half-termly Pupil Voice Questionnaires with their class and feedback their findings to the Chairperson and School Council link teacher. 
  • School Charter - councillors review our School Charter each year and ensure that this is understood by all of their classmates and placed prominently within the classroom. They must know and understand the rights of the child and ensure that these rights are being upheld by adults and children within the classroom.
  • Charity work - the School Council generate ideas (of their own or from their classmates) for charity and other fundraising events. They contribute to the planning and promotion of these days throughout the year. The Treasurer will assist the bursar in collecting the money raised and presenting it to the named charity.
  • Southport Learning Partnership - our councillors represent Birkdale Primary at a range of SLP events and collaborations. They share best practice with other schools within the SLP and learn from the successes of these other schools to inspire future projects at Birkdale Primary.
  • Senior Leadership Team and Governors - the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary meet with members of our SLT and Governors termly to discuss any pressing issues and share their ideas and hopes for the upcoming term. 



Here are all the members of our School Council for the school year 2020-2021!!


Chair – 

Secretary – R

Treasurer – 

6JS – 

6B – 

5S – 

5M – 


4C –  

3S – 

3G – 

2P – 

2C – 

1C – 

1R – 


There are lots of plans to keep our School Council busy this year so please do keep checking back here to see what they have been up to!








Southport Town Deal

September 2020


The first job for our School Council this year was to take part in the proposals for the new 'Town Deal'! Southport are going to be awarded a big sum of money to make improvements to the area and we were asked to share some of our ideas for how the money should be spent! Our School Council representatives watched the video explaining what the Town Deal was all about and shared some initial ideas. Councillors then went back to their classes and shared what was happening with their teachers and classmates and collected in more ideas! We then came back together as a School Council to see what our most popular ideas were as a school and sent them off with a note to the children of Southport in 30 years time!



You can read more about Southport's Town Deal by following the link below: