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updates 1/6/2020

There is a link below to Oak Academy. Daily online practical lessons to join in with with videos to support learning activities. Have a go!


update 17/5/2020


For the next two weeks, Reception children will be learning through the topic of 'Minibeasts' which is a topic that we would have explored this term in school.  It's always been a topic that children really enjoy and we didn't want them to miss out while we are all at home on lockdown.  We have put together an extensive list of some activities for you to try and do at home but it is only a guide.  If you have some of your own minibeast activities that you would like to do, then that is great!  We would like you to keep a record of the activities you carryout at home and bring into school when we return in June or when we see you next. There will be no activities set on Purple Mash for the next two weeks however, please continue to explore the games and mini mash if you wish too.  Have fun!







  • Create a graph to show all the different minibeasts you find in your garden and how many there are of each.
  • Make some play dough worms and order them according to their length.  Describe the worms using language such as shorter than, longer than, shortest, longest.
  • Create a symmetrical butterfly.
  • Count, estimate and double the number of spots on a ladybird.
  • Add plastic minibeasts together or take some away.  Find the total amount.



Language, Literacy and Communication

  • Read The Very Hungry Caterpillar or The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle/watch on youtube
  • Choose you own minibeast stories to read eg Superworm, What the Ladybird Heard, The Cautious Caterpillar, Mad about Minibeasts, Aaaargghh Spider!, Harry the Poisonous Centipede and  Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell.
  • Make a zigzag book about minibeasts.  You might include labels and sentences as well as pictures to illustrate your findings.
  • Learn about the life cycles of different minibeasts eg spiders, butterflies, beetles, worms and ants..
  • Write three facts about a minibeast.
  • What am I? Write or describe a minibeast.
  • Have a picnic in the garden and write a list of foods you had to eat
  • If I was an insect I would be a …?  Write about what insect you would be and why?


Understanding the World

  • Make a bug house out of a plastic bottle or a tin can.
  • Make a wormery or an ant world.
  • Make a fruit salad. 
  • Map a map of where you have found different minibeasts in your outside area whether it be the garden or the park.
  • Have a snail race. 
  • Sow some wild flower seeds in your garden to attract bees.
  • Make a pitfall trap to see which insects are in your garden.  Dig a hole just big enough to sink a small pot or jar in it.  Then place 4 pebbles at each corner and lay a tile on top.  Check the trap every day so see which creatures have fallen in.  Don’t forget to put them back in the garden.
  • Insect nature art – create an insect in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.
  • Make a 3D minibeast out of anything crafty you have at home.
  • Paint a minibeast
  • Playdough bug fossil – push plastic bugs into play dough to leave a print.


updates 13/5/2020

Are you looking for some inspiration for different

things to do at home?

Try some of these websites for ideas..... 

A list of useful resources from Sefton council. 

This website includes plans for rhyming multi-sensory stories with Makaton and links for music activities. There are also videos on how to learn how to juggle, play boccia and making sensory dough. 

Some nice English and Maths activities that you can print off at home. 

These are free learning packs.

This has some nice links and practical ideas for things to do. 

We know a lot of you have enjoyed your own projects at home- you could use this website to explore some more ideas for Science. 

Some nice little PE based activities. 

Mental health and wellbeing document from British Psychology Society. 



We hope everyone is still keeping healthy and happy! Below are some musical links you may enjoy!

Camerata mini music makers: 


Marvellous Musical Podcasts – David Walliams


RSNO (Royal Scottish National Orchestra) Music Challenges


Royal Opera House, creative learning at home


VE Day Celebration Activities - Explore the challenge box. Upload your picture to our school Twitter page.

Create a Covid-19 time capsule to record this moment in history. Download the file, print out and complete the activity sheets. You can also add your own personal belongings to it as well.

Spring into Spring - Fun activities to try at home.



updates 5/5/2020

Keeping fit at home!

As many of you are aware, Mr Murphy who teaches PE throughout the school is uploading daily challenges on social media platforms for families to complete at home. I would encourage you all to take part in these fun games! In addition to this there is also weekly sport challenges that you can complete from North Sefton Sports Games. 


Mr Murphy - multi sports = @sportscubed  (On Twitter) 


North Sefton Sports Games = @NorthSeftonSG (On Twitter)


updates 2/5/2020

SPRING HAS ARRIVED ... at last!  

It was so lovely to speak to you at home this week and to hear your very chatty voices.  You have been doing some lovely things at home with your family from garden projects to baking to playing in paddling pools in the sun!  You are all missing school and seeing your friends as are your teachers, but hopefully we can return to school once it is safe for us to do.  In the meantime ...


If you have taken part in the 'Share a Story Reading Challenge' we would love to know how many books/stories you have read at home. You can send a message on Purple Mash where it says 'Hand in note' on the 2Do's ... or send a tweet on Twitter.


There's also another challenge this week for anyone who wants to enter.  It's to write about 'My Life in Lockdown'.  It's for all schools in Southport to enter.  Mr Sheeran has put a letter on the school website homepage outlining the details of this project if you want to take part.


updates 20/4/2020

With it being the Easter holiday last week, we realised that you have probably been busy doing lots of other family things as not many of you had logged on to Purple Mash.  Therefore, the activities available this week are the same as last week so that lots of you don't miss out.  They will be updated next Monday.


Take a look at .... - KS1. Links to every curriculum subject.  


Here are some free apps that you might want to download through

apple app store.  


  • PocketPhonics Stories - you can select the reading level and handwriting  script. Stories link to each letter of the alphabet. 
  • Read with Phonic Games, ages 4+ - phase 2 and phase 3 sounds.
  • Stories from CBeebies - you can download stories from your favourite CBeebies programmes.  Then select 'Read to Me' or 'Read to Myself'. 

updates 2/4/2020

YouTube - oxbridgebaby has a very large selection of traditional stories and nursery rhymes that are sung or read aloud for you children to listen and join in with. Quite nice for a bit of quiet time!


youtube - kidstv123 have a wealth of songs and videos to support maths, phonics and other links to the curriculum.  We have used this in class to support our teaching topics. Most recently our planet song 😀🌠


updates 29/3/2020

I've found a few more websites which are full of fun activities.  Take a look at which have lots of reading, number and healthy living activities to do and... - fun, physical activities and games to keep children moving and ... - helpfully ideas for children from birth to 5 years old.

From Monday 23rd onwards until further notice


Please check every Monday for your child's weekly learning activities.  Activities will be uploaded every Monday to be completed and submitted by Friday of that week.  Activities will link to the weeks learning objectives and will include phonics, mathematics and a topic themed activity.


As well as there are a wealth of activities and experiences that you will share with your child while the school is closed.  Some suggestions might include; - phase 2 and 3 - all curriculum areas - age 5-7, english and maths games - numberblocks, alphablocks - phase 2 and 3 songs - phase 2,3,4


Below are some songs that we sing in class from that you might find useful to continue with at home.


Counting by 2's, 10's

Doubles! Doubles!

Let's all do the 10 dance


Fun things to do at home 

Have a go at ... writing numbers, sharing stories, planting bulbs or flowers, keep a plant diary, make an Easter card, have a lego challenge, make a bug house, play a board game, paint a picture, keep fit, make a music band, dress up and become a story teller, ride your bike without stabilizers, learn to skip with a skipping rope, make a den outside, go on a bug hunt and enjoy being at home with your family making memories.


We look forward to seeing you when the school reopens. 



Hello and welcome to R1's class web page


We are......
Mrs Eden and Mrs Hales
and of course, our class of 30 children.

Also in Reception and shared between R1 and R2 are Mrs Jones and Mrs Brand, our class teaching assistants.



We start our school year with a staggered entry system so here is a reminder of the starting times


Thursday 5th & Friday 6th - 9.00 -11.30 am or 1.00 - 3.30 pm

Mon 9th, Tues 10th, Wed 11th - 8.50 am - 1.15 pm

Thursday 12th & Friday 13th 8.50 am - 3.10 pm



At the start of the school day both R1 and R2 will enter through the double blue doors.  The doors will shut at 9am.  If you arrive after this time then you will need to go to the school office to sign your child in.


At home time, R1 will exit through the double blue doors and R2 through the white door by the ramp.  We kindly ask that your a very patient with staff at home time as we only let one child leave at a time.  As you can imagine it will take staff a few weeks to become familiar with parents, grandparents and family friends.  If someone other than a parent is collecting your child at home time, we ask that you inform yours child's class teacher in the morning on the door. 



* All school uniform should be named

* Children can bring a sports top water bottle in to school containing plain water only

* Book bags should be brought in to school everyday.

* PE bags should contain a white t-shirt, blue shorts and pumps.


We are very lucky to have a sports coach who teaches PE to all the children in the school at some point throughout the school year.  His name is Mr Murphy and he will be teaching PE to R1 on a Monday morning this term.  




Our class topic this term is 'All About Me'. 

We hope you have been very busy this summer filling your 'All About Me' bag full of things about you.  We are really looking forward to seeing what you bring in. 




Look at all the stars from our class Christmas production this year.  They performed a story called 'A Miracle in Town'.  They were fantastic!




We Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Our topic this term is all about 'The Big Wide World'.  The children will be learning all about the world in which they live in exploring topics through literacy. These will include The Bear Snores On, William's Winter Wish and Aliens Love Underpants to name a few.  In phonics, we move on to teaching letter blends such as ai, ee, igh, er, oo, and reading and writing captions and sentences.  Our PE theme is travelling through space as rockets, astronauts and shooting stars developing skills such a balancing, throwing and catching. In Mathematics, the children will be learning all about 2D and 3D shapes, measuring the length and weight of objects and making comparisons between them, identifying coins of different values and making totals using 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins, adding and subtracting from 10/20 and being able to understand and recall number bonds to 10/20.


During our topic themed sessions the children will be ... building, painting, sewing, baking, cutting, discussing, questioning, singing, moving, listening, sharing, taking turns, building confidence and having FUN!




Parents's evening is on Tuesday 10th March 3.30pm - 6.00pm and Wednesday 11th March 4.30pm-7.00pm.  Letters went out on Monday and reply slips will be sent home on Friday with your allocated 10 minute appointment time.