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Radio Birkdale

Radio Birkdale as been an exciting opportunity, with children in Years 4, 5 and 6 fully trained in how to use our fantastic facilities with Miss Jo Mills who works for local Sandgrounder Radio.

Have a listen to some of  fabulous radio broadcasts that the children of Birkdale Primary have put together over the last two years! 

18th September

It's our first day back in the Radio Room. Year 5 are ready to go

19th September

Settling into the year and new teachers

2nd October

Wow - it's October already

3rd October

Where to find our little radio room :)

9th October

Thinking about our futures

10th October

The Star groups and Councilors will be announced this week

16th October

There's a funny red sky this morning with a storm on it's way ...........

30th October

Back from half term - what' still to come

31st October

It's Halloween

6th November

Talking Bonfires and raining mountains ...................

13th November

Pudsey bear is coming this week - plus the best weather ever

14th November

A sneak preview of our Christmas Show

27th November


28th Novemver

What makes Christmas

4th December

It's all so dark in the evenings now - but it will get better

5th December

Sparkles the Elf has been stolen..............

15th January

We've been given a new challenge - listen in

16th January

The date for this years broadcast is revealed

29th January

Really - Is January nearly over ?????

30th January

What are you doing this half term ??????

5th Febuary


6th February

Do not adjust your ears - we were exploring different ways the same thing can be explained

26th February

Welcome to Ruby, it's chocolate!!!!

5th March

It's that time of year again ------ Parents Evening

6th March

We're busy busy busy....... So much to do before the holidays

Monday 12 March

The countdown the holidays has begun

Monday 13th March

Disco Days

April 16th

Year 3 are now in control of the radio room


We've got loads of amazing things happening in year 3

April 23rd

We've been struggling with tongue twisters today !!!!

April 24th

Whats the weather ?????

April 30th

Really --- is it the last day of April already???

8th May

Thinking of moving up and away to year 4

14th May

It's two weeks until half term

15 May

Laila's special show

21 May

It's all a bit mixed up today

22nd May

We've been talking about music and how we listen to it

4th June

We've all got stuff we're excited about

5th June

All about the radio room - and what we did

18th June

Wally Cain, Football, Gymnastics - we're keeping busy

19th June

All the latest news and weather within Year 3

25th June

we've got one month left until our holidays ............

26th June

World cup fever is taking over the radio room......

2nd July

Year 4 are in the radio room and here's our top ten summer holidays tips

3rd July

It's too hot - and it;s not going away.... What can we do?

17th September 2018

Year three is very excited to be back and to practice using the radio room equipement

18th September 2018

Year three isn't so bad after all

24th September

It's 5 weeks until Halloween

25th September

We're starting swimming lessons soon

1st October

We're keeping ourselves busy outside school too !!!

8th October

Year 4 have taken over for today - we're already thinking back to naughty elves

9th October

Brr, it's cold....No it's warm - And where are we going???

29th October

It's the spooky disco tomorrow - what monsters will we see

30th October

Disco - disco everyone's ready for the disco

5th November

It's bonfire night - what are we doing?

6th November

We thought it was going to be a boring till Christmas - we were wrong

12th November

It's Odd Sock Day - but what does that mean

13th November

Guess who we are looking forward to seeing on Friday????

19th November

Insect day????? Concerts and time is going really quickly

26th November

Our Christmas songs revealed....... Are you ready???

27th November

OH NO the elves are coming !!!!!!

3rd December

OH NO they've arrived...............

4th December

It's Christmas........ There's loads going on

10th December

The last update before we break up ........ For CHRISTMAS

22nd January

Year 4 would like to wish you a happy new year and remember how lucky they were at Christmas

28th January

4 more days left in January - but there might be snow soon too

29th January

It took ages to find something new to talk about - try not to laugh!!!!

4th February

Topics, sloths, meercats and more

5 th Febraury

we've just written, recorded, and edited this all by ourselves - with a bit of help

11th February

It's a busy time both before and after half term !!!!!

12th February

Once Daily worked out who he was ....... Dates to get excited about

4th March

oh no it's world book day in three days and only one of us has a plan ......................

5th March

If Radio Birkdale did adverts - this is how good it would sound

11th March

We're already planning our trip to Chester and the Easter Holidays !!!!!!!!

12th March

No giggles were harmed in the making of this show !!!!!!!!!!!!

18th March

Fantastic, crazy, and disgusting ...................

19th March

We've got a challenge for you...........

25th march

What a crazy mixed up mad type of Monday

29th April

Year 4 are leaving the radio room in style

30th April

Year 5's guide to the best radio EVER!!!!!

7th May

Waterside Lodge - the ultimate review

13th May


14th May

Year 5s guide to summer survival.....

20th May

Year 5 - we're ready for the disco...... Are YOU????

21st May

Bringing you some sad news ...........

17th June

Trip to (meep) Liverpool World (Meep) Museum...........

18th June

Year 6 AAARRRGGGGHHHHHH and a bit of Wally Cain

1st July

It's the final countdown - 5 things left to do

2nd July

It's a mystery - what will it be ?????????

8th July

Year 5 signing out with a PARTY !!!!!!!!

9th July

The final part of this chapter