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Wellbeing Wednesdays!

This page will keep you updated with the Wellbeing Wednesday activities and strategies that we've been doing in school!

You can encourage your grown ups at home to try them too!

Time for a good book...

At the start of each half term, our Wellbeing Wednesday activity is for our class Wellbeing Ambassador to choose us a book about Wellbeing from our library!

Here is an example of one of the books that some of us have read today...

If you would like to listen to this book being read again, follow this link to an online reading!

Safe Surroundings

Being somewhere safe, secure and comforting is essential for our wellbeing. This week, we thought about a place that we know (at home, school or a relatives house) that helps us to feel safe and how we could use this space to look after our wellbeing. We also talked about what we could keep in this place to help us when we needed to focus on our wellbeing. Favourite toys, calming music and sensory gadgets were all high on the list! We then talked about how we could create a 'wellbeing box' if we didn't have an actual space that we could use and listed some of the people that could help us to create this, at home or in school. 



Mindful Colouring

'Mindfulness colouring' can be a really great way to focus and calm the mind. We absolutely love doing some mindful colouring in school and, this week, we made it personal by creating our own name placemats for our wellbeing activity!

This activity can be done at home too by writing your name in bubble writing or a swirly font and filling in the 'gaps' around the letters with lovely patterns and shapes!


Get Your Body Moving!

This week, we picked some happy, energetic music to get dancing to! We had a lot of fund and, afterwards, we talked about how a bit of exercise (and a little laughter!) can help to produce feel-good chemicals that lift our mood and make us feel more positive and ready to face challenges.
Here is one of the songs that we enjoyed dancing to this week!

Give a Gold Star!

We talked about how giving compliments to others can not only brighten their day, but make us feel good. Thinking about how to compliment someone helps us to focus on the good in those around us and to appreciate the family, friendship group or community that we are a part of. 



Roots and Branches (grounding)




The Big Doodle!

We put some quiet music on and our teacher gave us some different emotions to think about (happy, calm, sad, angry, loved, excited). As each emotion was called out, we doodled what came to mind. The activity was incredibly calming ands helped us to focus only on our feelings and emotions and blocked out the noises and distractions of the day. We talked about how we could do this activity at home (by ourselves or with family and friends) if we needed some time to focus on our wellbeing.