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Transition to Reception 2024-2025

Thank you for choosing Birkdale Primary for your child.  We are very proud of our setting and the journey we are about to begin with you.  

Our transition programme into our Reception classes begins as soon as our school receives notification from the authority in April. Our Reception class teachers will arrange a visit to your child's pre-school setting or to their home to meet with your child's key person or family.  Information about your child will be shared so that staff can prepare for your child starting school in September. The nursery will inform you when this visit will be taking place.

During the month of May, you will receive a letter from school inviting you to a welcome meeting in June.  You will be given a welcome pack containing everything you need to know about your child starting school, including the visit dates and staggered entry in September.

In September, our staggered entry begins with a visit to their new class for an hour with a parent.  Then we have a few days of either attending a morning or afternoon session, then a longer day when the children stay for lunch, quickly followed by the children attending full time.  We like to have the children full-time as soon as we can, as we feel that most children are familiar with full days in pre-school.

As a parent, you will receive a 'Passport to Reception' booklet which we ask that you fill in and return to school as soon as possible.  This will enable your child's class teacher to begin to build a picture of your child.  


Mrs Eden and Mr Lomax

Reception Class Teachers