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Our Subjects

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Subjects Leads

Role of the subject leader is to:

● To provide a strategic lead and direction for the subject;

● The Subject Leader is responsible for the day-to-day organisation of the curriculum.

● To support and offer advice to colleagues on issues related to the subject;

● Curriculum leaders monitor the way their subject is taught throughout the school. They examine long-term and medium-term planning, using subject walk-arounds they observe lessons to ensure that appropriate teaching strategies are used and lead book scrutinies and moderation.  Subject leaders also have responsibility for monitoring the way in which resources are stored and managed.

● To provide efficient resource management for the subject.

It is the role of each subject leader to keep up to date with developments in their subject, at both national and local level. They review the way the subject is taught in the school and plan for improvement. This development planning links to whole-school objectives. Each subject leader reviews the curriculum plans for their subject, ensures that there is full coverage of the 2014 National Curriculum and that progression of skills and knowledge is planned into schemes of work.

Art and Design

Philip Stevenson


Michelle Cousins

Design and Technology

Nick Lomax


Laura Biggs

Rachel Ramsden

Rebecca Eden


Sarah Corlett


Ria Kool

Leanne Pennington


Rachel Ramsden

Leanne Szabo

Nick Lomax


Philip Stevenson


Jessica Lee


Rebecca Eden

Eddie Gallagher


Ceri Sinnott


Emily Mullin

Joyce Jones


David Jessop

Liz Prosser

Lizzie Nixon

Josh Curragh


Nicola Grice