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Music Clubs

KS1 After School Choir 

This year, we are super excited to be introducing our new KS1 Choir! Miss Lee has seen the incredible singing talent in our KS1 children, and has set up our new choir to allow younger children to learn to sing in a group and have fun together! They will get to learn and practise new songs that they will have the opportunity to perform at our future musical showcases. 

We want to provide our younger children with an expressive outlet and a chance to be part of a musical group!

This will run on Mondays 3:15-4:00PM

KS2 After School Choir

Children across Years 3,4,5 and 6 are encouraged to join our after school choir if they have an interest in singing, performing and being part of an incredible team effort! We work together on a wide repertoire of songs which range in styles from upbeat Pop to slow ballads. We are keen to restart our work with showcasing our singing abilities in performance opportunities at school and in the community. We also work with other schools as well in collaborative performances as a way to connect and build strong relationships through the love of Music. 

We are a strong musical presence throughout the school year, offering musical entertainment at school events like our Christmas Show and Summer Concert.

In our KS2 choir, we begin to teach our children how to improve their vocal technique to help showcase their best vocals in a healthy way, and also help them learn to sing in a group. We provide children with an outlet to sing their hearts out, and nurture a love for Music and performance.

This will run on Tuesdays 3:20-4:20PM

Music Tech Club

At Birkdale Primary, we recognise that Music is a broad subject with so many different aspects to love and enjoy, so we wanted to provide an opportunity for our students to learn another side of music - Music Technology! 

In Music Tech Club, students are given the time to explore the wonders of free music-making software like Garageband and Audacity, as well as other online software that allow them to create their own music compositions.

Every week, children will learn steps towards producing their own composition, such as how to record sounds, manipulate sounds through splicing and pitching, and explore a variety of music styles that are created through music technology. At the end of each term, children will show their creations to each other and talk about what they enjoyed about them.

We find this to be a very popular club, so we work with a new group of children each term to continue to foster the love for Music in as many children as possible!

This will run on Thursdays 3:20-4:20PM