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Music at Birkdale Primary

Our Aim

Here at Birkdale Primary School, we believe in the importance of music in the classroom. It can help develop language and reasoning skills, memory, coordination and self-confidence, which nurtures an appreciation for music that will last a lifetime. 

We aim to create music learning that is enriching and engaging, and provides children with the musical skills and knowledge that will allow them to access their own passions for music. We develop their understanding of the wide repertoire of composers, genres and culture, and the range of musical skills from composition, to playing instruments, to performance. We also strive to include a diverse range of vocabulary, focussing on the interrelated dimensions of music and ensuring these are known to staff members and displayed throughout the school. 

We provide an enriched music curriculum using the Kapow Primary music scheme, which delivers engaging lessons weekly. We also work with Sefton Music Service to offer Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET) which provides children with the opportunity to learn a new instrument from Years 1 to 5. 

Not only do we provide an amazing experience in the classroom, we also offer a range of instruments through small group tuition sessions to provide more possibilities for children to learn and develop music. We are also very proud of having a strong music presence from our after-school clubs; KS1 choir, KS2 choir and KS2 music technology club. These clubs provide children with the opportunity to hone their passion for music, from singing to creating music on software, and provide the chance to perform for the school, their parents and the local community. 

We strive to give all children the opportunity to develop a deep understanding and appreciation for how music can bring people together, teach us about the past and improve the world we live in. 

An overview of our Music Curriculum


The main focus for music in Nursery and Reception is to develop a love of music through singing songs, playing with instruments and getting involved in rhythm and pulse games to set them off on their musical journey through school. Music is not just taught exclusively in EYFS music lessons, but is utilised throughout the other subjects of the curriculum to embed learning and create fun and engaging lessons!


In Years 1 and 2, the focus is largely on understanding pulse, rhythm and pitch in relation to music. They will begin to associate sounds with symbols and continue to sing a wide variety of songs from different periods and genres. They get the chance to express their opinions about different music listened to and are encouraged to pick out sounds they recognise. KS1 children get ample opportunity to explore different instruments during their lessons, which fosters a love of exploring all music has to offer. 

As of 2023, we are excited to also offer Ukulele tuition and WCET singing for our Year 1 and 2 children. We have also started a KS1 choir to help develop the love for music from a young age.

Whole Class Ensemble Tuition
Year 1 - Singing
Year 2 - Singing


After-school Clubs  Tuition Sessions
KS1 Choir Guitar


The focus in Key Stage 2 is to provide a well-rounded understanding of music and develop key musical skills, which include performing, listening and appraising, composition and notation, and history of music.

Children learn key musical terms that are included in the interrelated dimensions of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, structure, texture and notation).

There is a focus on music in the wider world and other cultures, and each year group in KS2 covers an in-depth focus on a key genre and another culture.

Children will learn notation which allows them to write and create their own music.

We have an abundance of talented musicians in our school and every child in KS2 has the chance to experience learning different instruments and a variety of musical skills. Some of the musical experiences we offer here are listed below:

Whole Class Ensemble Tuition
Year 3 - Percussion
Year 4 - Woodwinds
Year 5 - Brass


After-school Clubs  Tuition Sessions
KS2 Choir Guitar
KS2 Music Technology Flute

 Our Music Ambassador for 2023-2024!