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Feeling 'check-ins'

Feeling check-ins

This year, we have implemented 'Feeling Check-ins' in every classroom, giving children the opportunity to discreetly let their teacher know how they are feeling that day. They are also able to change this throughout the day depending on what has happened.

There has already been incredibly positive feedback from staff in school about the check-ins; children are opening up more about their feelings, adults are aware of which children they need to keep a closer eye on and children are learning how to communicate their feelings more confidently.

Nursery, Reception and KS1

The children read the story The Colour Monster and have coloured pots that correspond with the coloured emotions in the story; happiness, sadness, fear, anger, calm and loved. The children are taught how to recognise a wider range of emotions and that our feelings and emotions can sometimes be mixed up so that we feel more than one emotion at a time. Vocabulary to communicate emotions is a key part of this process and adults support accordingly in each year group.



The children are now encouraged to think about when they may need further help with their feelings and emotions and can ask for a ‘check in’ to help them manage or express negative feelings. They may also choose to let the teacher know that they are struggling and would like adults to keep an eye on them rather than talk. They also get the chance to identify and celebrate things that are filling them with good feelings and emotions that are making them feel ‘great’.

We are always looking for ways to improve our awareness of the wellbeing of the children we teach so please do contact the school office if you have any ideas that may help us.