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Our aim at Birkdale Primary is to inspire and provide children with the stimuli and knowledge to be engaging and exciting writers, who show a passion for writing and who are given opportunities to select from a range of grammatical skills, vocabulary and text types to create pieces of writing that match different purposes and appeal to a range of diverse audiences. Writing will make use of a range of diverse authors, allowing children access to both modern and classical texts, including stories, poems and non-fiction texts, and give them the opportunity to learn from, imitate and innovate from them. Pupils are provided with a purpose for their writing which provides a context to their writing. From Reception to Year 6, there are clear steps in progression in writing which enable children to build on their prior knowledge and extend and apply their new writing skills. We ensure that our pupils’ writing develops and grows from a love of reading and a strong vocabulary – both of which are developed and prioritised across the whole of the school community. Pupils are to be offered the opportunity to make use of their reading and vocabulary within their writing.

Speaking and Listening:

We also aim to provide our children with a wide range of contexts for speaking and listening throughout the day. Speaking, listening and performing skills are promoted across the curriculum through storytelling, discussion groups, debates, drama and role play. Such opportunities, as well as whole school concerts and shows, provide a valuable means of building confidence and developing the ability to listen to, and appreciate the efforts of others.


  • What is Spelling Shed?

At Birkdale Primary School, we use Spelling Shed to support children on their spelling journey and they progress through a range of games, levels and challenges. The spelling lists on Spelling Shed are grouped together, helping children to learn and apply different spelling rules effectively. 

 Every week, teachers set an assignment linked to the pupil’s spelling words, helping them to practise their spellings in a fun and exciting way in preparation for our weekly spelling test. Children can also choose to practise past spellings to consolidate past learning. Children, staff and parents can keep track of achievements through the points and honeypots that are awarded as the children progress.

Pupils from Year 3 (Stage 3) to Year 6 (Stage 6) can access Spelling Shed using their personal logins, which are provided by teachers at the start of the academic year.

In year 2,  children will continue their journey following our phonics Little Wandle letters and sounds revised scheme, through a bridging unit. Following this unit, children will progress onto the Little Wandle spelling programme. This is designed to provide a seamless link from year 1 to year 2 and builds on children's knowledge of the alphabetic code and teaching them how to spell with confidence.

Punctuation and Grammar:

To ensure children understand the purpose and importance of grammar and punctuation, we teach it within the context of the text we are teaching and also as a discrete lesson, once a week. We work together to ensure there is progression and challenge across grammar and punctuation throughout the whole school.

Meet our English Ambassador:






'I am honoured to be the English ambassador because I LOVE English. I enjoy helping Mrs Biggs and Mrs Ramsden.'

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