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Welcome to our Art Page 

'I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way -

things I had no words for.'

Georgia O'Keeffe

At Birkdale Primary School, we believe that Art contributes to the development of the whole child emotionally, aesthetically, physically, socially and cognitively. It provides all children with the opportunity to express themselves imaginatively, creatively and therefore developing their understanding of, and response to, the world around them.

Through our art opportunities in school, we aim to address the challenge and creativity aspects of our school statement by providing opportunities for children to explore their ideas and record their experiences through a variety of techniques using a variety of media too.

In Art, we have dedicated a week in each term as an ‘Art Week.’ From EYFS to Year 6, teachers will be using the KAPOW Primary Art scheme to support their delivery of the art curriculum across three distinct areas: drawing, painting & mixing and sculpture, craft and 3D. 

In the EYFS, children will be developing their cutting, threading, joining and folding skills through fun creative projects. Exploring mark making with the use of crayons and introducing art vocabulary to the children. We finish the year by creating paintings using our fingers and natural items as tools. 

In KS1, children explore primary and learn to make secondary colours through colour mixing activities. Children also look at observational drawing skills and use a range of tools to experiment with texture and pattern. The year concludes with making three dimensional shares and structures using paper and clay. 

Across KS2, there is a broad range of activities that give children the opportunity to explore the outlined core curriculum areas in depth. The following are just some examples of the types of activities children will enjoy. In Year 3 will be looking at making paints and tools to explore prehistoric art - making valuable links to our Stone Age topic. In Year 4, children will get the opportunity to make mechanical engravings and combine media for effect when developing a drawing into a print. In Year 5, children will consider the purpose of drawings as they investigate how imagery was used in the 'Space race' that began in the 1950's. The combine collage and print making to create a piece in their own style - which ties in nicely with their Science topic Space. In Year 6, we conclude the year with documenting children's memories of their time at primary school and children get to use their favourite skills and techniques to create 3D artwork. 

Art Ambassador

This year's ambassador has yet to be selected so watch this space! 


 "Art is a way of showing what you know and what you can do without having to write it down" Art Ambassador 2022-23

Art in our community

A selection of children's artwork was exhibited at the Ainsdale Show on Saturday July 2nd 2022 which is celebrating its 100th year! Well done to all of the children, especially those of you who were lucky enough to catch the judges eye and win a prize! There were at least 4 other local schools who also entered work, so a big 'well done'to all our prize winners.

Art in our school