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Coronavirus Update 26/03/20

Dear Parent / Carer

School is open for agreed Key Workers and children assessed as from vulnerable families.

Arrangements are as yesterday for entrance/exit.

More on this next week but it is highly likely we will be open over the Easter holiday period – we will be collecting information for your requirements soon if you need us.

Today, I will be posting in the Newsletter section the file for the Star of the Week certificate. I realise some of you may not have access to a printer but social media/friends and the post are a powerful thing! If you are going to use it, I would suggest using it sparingly for the weeks ahead!

If you can, please post any pictures of what the children are up to (see below) to our twitter using @birkdaleprimary  in your message and we will see it!

Message to all children at home from all the staff:

You are all amazing! We know that you are all being the BEST you can be at home. Keep smiling! Keep being as helpful as you can at home and always be KIND. There will be times when you are bored but in lots of assemblies you have heard us talk about ‘finding out’ more about the things you are interested in – when we are back together we can’t wait to see any projects or artwork you have created. You are doing a very important thing keeping others and yourself nice and safe at this time. Although this time might seem to last forever – it won’t!

With all our best thoughts and wishes

From ALL the staff at Birkdale Primary School