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❝Language is the road map of a culture.

It tells you where people come from and where they are going"
Rita Mae Brown


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Welcome to the Spanish curriculum page where you can find out about all the wonderful things we've been learning about in school this year! 




This Autumn, teachers and pupils have been getting used to our new language scheme "Language Angels". We have adopted a whole school approach and all children have been enjoying learning the Spanish vocabulary!


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In KS2, we have also looked at typical classroom commands and have become much more confident using them on a daily basis. In KS1, we have been enjoying Spanish sessions and have been learning vocabulary with the help of songs and games. 





In Spring, selected Year 6 pupils will be given the chance to work hard on a special performance for the La Fiestaval event held at Greenbank. So far we have delivered smash hits with "Los Numeros" (inspired by Adam Ant's hit "Prince Charming"), "El Recuento Final" (inspired by the Europe hit "The Final Countdown") and last year's Happy Days with a Spanish twist ... "Los Dias Felices". And this year will be no different - this year's theme is transport.


2019's Stars 



Below are some images of 2018's Spanish Super Stars! 







Please check back in the Summer to see what we have been learning about! 






If you wish to take your learning further or help your child develop their confidence in Spanish then listed below are some fantastic websites that could help you.


Click the image to follow the link to the website. 



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BBC Primary Languages  


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Crickweb Spanish 


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Light Bulb Languages Spanish 


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Everyschool Spanish



Please continue to return to our Spanish page in order to see what we have been learning about next. Thank you for visiting!


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