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Welcome to the Mathematics page
Nursery to Year 6

Mrs Ramsden and Mrs Szabó work around the school environment ensuring that this core curriculum subject area is taught creatively, enthusiastically and supports the aims and objectives of the new curriculum.

Your child is already surrounded by a mathematical world.
From entering school, your child will be encouraged to develop a passion for maths and will be enveloped in experiences to help them achieve this.
As they progress throughout the school, the children will have daily taught sessions in maths which will be broadly separated into the following areas -

Number, place value and rounding
Addition and subtraction
Multiplication and division
Fractions, decimals and percentages
Measures - including length, mass, capacity, perimeter and area
Geometry - including 2D and 3D shapes, position and direction

From entering school until they leave in Year 6, children are provided with opportunities to explore ideas practically through using concrete objects to consolidate their learning. This concrete learning supports and enhances children's understanding of mathematical concepts before they apply their knowledge in problem solving activities.

After exploring practically, children are encouraged to record their thinking in their own ways i.e pictorially.

Once the children have a secure understanding of the concepts through the concrete and pictorial stages of their learning, they are then introduced to the symbolic ways of recording their work i.e formal methods.

Children are consistently provided with opportunities to meet the 'mastery' level for their year group in achieving the objectives as set out by the National Curriculum 2014. They are also provided with opportunities to broaden their understanding so that they may demonstrate that they have 'mastery with greater depth' of their age group's objectives. 
We use many sources to provide challenge for our children including the nRich website resources and the NCETM documents for each individual year group. 

Please find the end of year expectations for each year group attached below. 


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