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Welcome to the Eco Page! We are the Eco Group at Birkdale Primary 2016-17:


Phillip Johnson, Nathan Elliot, Chloe Grove, Noah Beyer-Kay, Angus Irvine, Ashlea Sephton, Haydn Offord, Poppy Chadwick, Dominic Wright, Maia Golabek, Emilia Balda, Lily Willocks, Erin Vernon and Jonah Lawson 


So far this year we have carried out an eco audit about all areas of school life. Following this we have created an action plan. We have identified waste, recycling and re-using as our first priority and have been coming up with a plan of how to tackle this.


 Our plan so far:

  •      to deliver an assembly to the whole school to explain what we are doing and how they can help by reducing waste, recycling and re-using.  
  •     to introduce a weekly ECO TROPHY - which will be awarded in out Star of the Week assembly each week - keep those recycling bin in use, turn off the lights and projector when not in use...all this will earn you points - See Mrs Grice for more details!
  •      to provide boxes in each classroom to store paper, coloured paper and card which could be re-used.
  •      to look into recycling other materials, not just paper, and into composting food waste.
  •      to investigate new uses for the bottle greenhouse.


  We are also about to apply for a bronze Eco Schools Award - more on this soon! frown


  And finally ...we are hoping to visit the Eco Centre in Southport very soon - we will bring you details of this event and our findings in an assembly soon!