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Welcome to our Breakfast and After School page.
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We run our clubs for our working parents and are able to include children from Reception Classes all the way up to Year 6 pupils.
Children are able to attend from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm.
Call in and have a chat with us if you wish your child to attend. Application packs are available from the office or from us during club hours. Online forms available at the bottom of this page for you to print.

Mrs Selby - Club Leader

Domino Downfall

Still image for this video

Easter Competition

Easter Competition 1
Easter Competition 2
Easter Competition 3
Easter Competition 4
Easter Competition 5
Easter Competition 6
Easter Competition 7
Easter Competition 8

Peg boards

Peg boards 1
Peg boards 2
Peg boards 3
Peg boards 4
Peg boards 5
Peg boards 6
Picture 1 In the Cube
Picture 2 I can see you
Picture 3 Greek Temple
Picture 4 Domino Pattern
Picture 5 Careful!
Picture 6 Brick Building
Picture 7 Biscuit Making
Picture 8 Awesome Crafts
Picture 9 Autumn Playdough
Picture 10 Jenga Tower
Picture 11 We made new track
Picture 12 Waiting for the tree to topple
Picture 13 Train track
Picture 14 Total concentration
Picture 15 The pirates have landed
Picture 16 The Pirates are coming!
Picture 17 The Great Wall of Children
Picture 18 Table Football
Picture 19 Stencils
Picture 20 Snow on the farm
Picture 21 Snow on the farm
Picture 22 Snow on the farm
Picture 23 War on Dinosaur Island
Picture 24 Save the Dinosaurs
Picture 25 Our 3rd Birthday Cake!
Picture 26 Oskar and Matthew save the day
Picture 27 Making leaves with our hands
Picture 28 Lego Luxury Mansion
Picture 29 Into the station
Picture 30 Hand shaped leaves
Picture 31 Drawing our hands to make a Christmas Tree
Picture 32 Dominoes
Picture 33 Domino Express
Picture 34 Colouring Fun
Picture 35 Castle bunting
Picture 36 Castle Bunting
Picture 37 Buzz and Woody
Picture 38 Autumn leaves are falling
Picture 39 A party to go to
Picture 40 Building together
Picture 41 Spanish dance
Picture 42 Dressing up fun.
Picture 43 Dressing up fun.
Picture 44 Spanish fun
Picture 45 New term, new friends and lots of fun!
Picture 46 New term, new friends and lots of fun!
Picture 47 New term, new friends and lots of fun!