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                                                                                    Our class teachers are 

Mr Jessop &

Mrs Szabó




Message for all year 6,


You have now completed your first full week of home-learning; we are very impressed with all your work on Purple Mash. 


We have had some messages to say that you are concerned that there isn't always an option to 'hand in' your work that is set as a 2Do.  Please be assured that we can see the work that you have completed, not all tasks have an option to 'hand in' but once you have completed tasks we get an alert to tell us.


Keep going with all your hard work and don't forget to upload pictures or messages onto the online floorbook (such as photos of any baking, model making, reading in unusual places...anything that you have enjoyed!) we enjoy seeing what you are up to! 



Mr Jessop, Miss Banks and Mrs Szabó







Week 1 spelling list

Week 2 Spelling list
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World Book Day 2020

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(Natural Disasters)




Throughout the Spring term we will be looking at a range of 'Natural Disasters', from tornadoes and earthquakes to tsunamis and wild fires. We will focus on the reasons why these events occur, looking at the geology of the land, as well as looking at where in the world they occur. We will also be thinking about the impact these natural disasters have upon the communities; the people, the animals, the buildings and the natural environment.




In English we will be reading the fabulous spy thriller..."Stormbreaker" by Anthony Horowitz. We will be working on a range of different writing tasks, improving our descriptive writing, developing our persuasive work and presenting our very own self-designed spy gadgets!!! ('Q' would be very proud of us!)




We'll be looking all aspects of LIGHT in the first half term; considering how lights travels, how we see things, how light refracts and investigation the visible spectrum! (We've already made some rainbows!)



Spring term is a very important time for all of us in Year 6 as we begin our journey towards the SATs.





 laugh SUMMER TERM laugh

"Coasting Through Birkdale"


Our Summer term theme in Year 6 is a theme of two halves!!

We will have as our constant stimulus the changing coastline of Sefton.

In the first half term we will focus on the HISTORY of the Southport coast.

In the second half term we will concentrate on the GEOGRAPHY of the coastline.



Our History work will explore the development of Southport as a seaside resort. We will look back to the Victorian era, the Industrial Revolution and the development of the steam train which brought many visitors into our area and enabled Southport to grow into a seaside destination of great renown. We will ask questions about how it grew, why Southport and just exactly who came to our town...from where...and why!!!



We are so lucky to live so close to the Sefton coastline and we will use this great resource as the centre of our Geography work this term. A visit to the Nature Reserve and the Formby Sand Dunes will enable us to examine, at first hand, the erosion of the coastline and the work that the local Rangers are doing to preserve the coastline from the powers of the elements.



Animals and their Habitats is one area of Science that we will work on in the summer term and this will give us the opportunity to make fabulous links between our Science work and Geography. During our field trip to the Nature Reserve we will be perfectly placed to examine the natural habitats of many creatures, including the Natterjack Toad which makes Formby Sand Dunes it's Natural habitat.




Amongst other aspects of our English work this term we will be exploring the work of our great 'Bard', William Shakespeare. Using practical techniques of drama and role play we will look in detail at "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

Our Rainbow!! (We created the Visible Spectrum in our classroom)