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Welcome to


                                                                                    Our class teachers are 

Mr Jessop &

Mrs Szabó




Y6 End of Year Photo Presentation


It has become a tradition at the end of Year 6 for us to put together a photo-montage of the children's journey through primary school. Even through this unprecedented situation we would still like to mark the end of the children's time at Birkdale Primary School.

With this in mind we would love for you to send in 2 or 3 photographs of your child: one from pre-school or Early Years, one from their middle years (Y2, 3 or 4) and one more recent (Y6). We will put all of your photographs together to create a presentation. Our aim is to be able to share this finished package with all parents.

Regardless of whether your child is attending school in one of our 'bubbles' or home-schooling, we would love as many children to be represented in the presentation.

Please be advised that by sending your photographs you agree for them to be used in a presentation which will be shared on our school website and our school YouTube account for parents and families to view.

Please send your photographs, via email to

Closing date for photographs will be 3pm next Thursday 16th July.


Let's hope we can keep this tradition alive and create a presentation which children and parents can cherish and look back on in years to come...history in the making!!! 



Hi 6JS!


We have now welcomed some of our class back in school.  For those of you at home, we will still be setting purplemash activities but we will also be adding some of the activities that we do in school onto our class page so that you can have a go at them at home too. We hope that you enjoy them. Some will have a Powerpoint for you to look through and/or task sheets.  Remember - don't look at the answer sheets until you are ready to check your work!! wink  Have fun!


Once again we would like to thank you all for you hard work!  We have been so impressed with your purplemash work and the work you have been adding to the floorbook.  Keep it up.  We love seeing what you have been up!



Mr Jessop and Mrs Szabó smiley

Underwater Olympics

Year 6 Sports Day from home! Have fun!!

Use the alphabet below to spell out you name in exercises.  Can you complete your whole name?  Can you come up with your own exercises for each letter and get your family involved?

We hope you have fun!


Spell your name with exercise!


A – 10 star jumps

B – 5 hops on your right foot

C – 5 hops on your left foot

D – 5 mountain climbers

E – 10 jumps

F – kick your right foot as high as you can

G – kick your left foot as high as you can

H – skip on spot for 10 seconds

I – 5 sit ups

J – stretch up as high as you can

K – 10 arm circles

L – 5 push ups

M – 10 bunny hops

N – run with high knees

O – balance on 1 foot – hold for 5 seconds

P – march on the spot for 10 seconds

Q – 5 jumps

R – side-step running

S – run on the spot for a count of 10 as fast you can

T – 5 star jumps

U – balance on 1 foot and 1 hand – hold for 5 seconds

V – 5 jumps

W – crab walk for 10 seconds

X – 15 bunny hops

Y -  10 sit-ups

Z – 10 mountain climbers

These videos might help you gather ideas to earn your Green badge.

Week beginning 29th June: Maths 'mystery activity'

Week beginning 22nd June: Maths 'Murder mystery' activity

6JS Classroom (from 22nd June)

Have a look at this wonderful tornado Lily W has created.

Still image for this video

Sefton School Games Week (Starting 20th June)

Please share your celebrations, videos, photos from National School Sports at Home 2020 via twitter @NorthSeftonSG. @birkdaleprimary


It would be fantastic to see as many young people and their families from across North Sefton having fun and taking part #NSSWtogether


Please see the activity timetable below.

1st June - 15th June

Hello year 6!   

We hope you have all had a lovely half term and had plenty of time to relax and enjoy the wonderful weather.  

We have set new work on Purplemash but we are also providing a "menu" of activities for you to choose from. 

We hope you enjoy completing these and we look forward to seeing all your work.

From Mr Jessop, Mrs Szabó and Miss Banks laugh


Year 6 Home-Learning



  • You can choose to complete any of these activities in any order.
  • We would like you to complete at least 4 but it would be wonderful if you could complete as many as possible. 
  • You can present your work in different ways – handwritten, typed, PowerPoint or using PurpleMash writing tools. 
  • Remember to present your work neatly.
  • Check for capital letters, full stops, correct use of commas, apostrophes etc…  Try to use a wide range of punctuation. 
  • Remember to check spellings carefully – can you use any of the words from the year 5/6 spelling list?
  • Don’t forget to add your work to our online floorbook.  We can’t wait to see it!


Research Charlies Darwin and create a detailed fact-file all about him.  Include pictures if you wish.


Watch a film and write a film review in the style of a film critic – don’t forget to give it a star rating.

Look at photos, pictures and videos of tornadoes and then create your own tornado artwork.  You can use any medium you choose – coloured pencils, crayons, paints, collage etc.. be creative.


Create a treasure style map and write where items are using coordinates. 

For example: There is a palm tree at (6,3).

You could even make your map look old by scrunching up the paper and using a teabag to stain in.


Next write directions as to how to find the treasure.

For example:  Start at the palm tree and move 6 places up, 4 to the right, down 2 etc…  Direct people around items.


Research wildfires.   Find out:

- How they are caused (human and natural causes).

- The effects of a wildfire on the environment (positive and negative).


You can decide how to record what you have learnt – a mindmap, an extended piece of writing, a poem, a non-chronological report etc…


Present your work neatly and effectively.  Remember to include lots of detail.


Create a travel brochure/leaflet all about Southport.  Include information as to why people should visit.  What are the attractions? What is unique? 


Think about how you would persuade someone to visit Southport and the surrounding areas.

Make a shelter using a variety of different materials.  Your shelter needs to withstand the wind, rain and weight.  Think carefully about how you will make your shelters – draw and label a diagram of your design first.  You can build your shelter using a variety of different materials.


When you have built your shelter test it by:

  • Pouring 100ml of water slowly over your shelter.  Does it leak?
  • Place your shelter in front of a fan or in a windy place.  Does it move/break?
  • Place something that is approximately 1kg in weight (e.g. a bag of sugar) on top of your shelter.  Does your shelter bend/collapse?  Can your shelter hold more than 1kg in weight?


Take photos of your shelter and it being tested and upload them onto the online floorbook.

Design a poster persuading people to look after our local coastal areas such as the beach and sand dunes.


Remember for a poster to be effective it needs to stand out and the information must be clear and easy to read.

Describe your dream holiday.  Where would you go?

Who would you go with?

Why would this be your dream holiday?

What would you do there?


You could even include pictures, photos, maps or other information you have found about your chosen destination.


Try to include as much information as you can in your writing. 

Happy half term year 6!

Mindfulness and your emotional well-being


We are so incredibly proud of you all and of the work and lovely activities you have completed and shared with us since school closed.  Therefore over this half-term we will not be setting any activities on purple mash and instead we would like you to really focus on your own well-being!


Below are lots of different activities that you might like to try on your own or with members of your family.  We hope that there are some that you will really enjoy doing. 


We have also put on some links to some web pages that have even more ideas and activities for the whole family to try - your parents might like to have a look at these pages too.


If you want to, you can share any activities you have completed on our online floorbook and it would be lovely if you could share any other activities that you find help you to feel happy, calm and relaxed.  What things do you like to do to take care of your own mental health?  Your ideas could help someone else in year 6 too.


Stay calm, be happy and remember to talk to someone about how you are feeling.


From Miss Banks, Mr Jessop and Mrs Szabó



Update for week beginning 18th May.


Hello year 6!!!


WOW – SATs week was a great success – HUGE congratulations to you all!  If SATS measured your kindness, creativity, uniqueness, imagination and dedication you are all without doubt exceeding!!


We have loved seeing your updates on our online floorbook and we hope that you have enjoyed seeing each other’s work.


For this week we have set some tasks on Purple Mash for you to have a go at but we would love it if you could still continue to choose and complete activities from the rainbow activity sheet.


English task (Deadline:  Monday 1st June).

We would also like you to complete a piece of work called ‘The Two sides of Lockdown’.  You can choose how you would like to present this – it could be a poster, a poem, an extended piece of descriptive writing.  You could use photos or drawings to support your ideas.  It can be handwritten, in colour, typed, created in PowerPoint or using Purple Mash tools.  You choose!


We want to see which parts of Lockdown you have found difficult (e.g I have missed laughing with my friends) but also things that you have really enjoyed (e.g I have loved being able to have late nights and go out and see the stars).  Try to give as many different ideas as you can. 


Take your time with this.  Think carefully about the presentation.  Don’t forget to include the title.  Keep it neat and try to be creative in how you present your ideas – don’t just write a list. 


Don’t forget to upload these onto our floorbook as we can’t wait to see your ideas.  



Miss Banks, Mr Jessop and Mrs Szabó



Week Beginning 11th May 2020


To our WONDERFUL year 6’s,


This week should have been SATs week, we should all now be sitting in the hall working through your SATs. However, this year is VERY different. This year there are no tests and we are all in ‘lockdown’.


We know how unbelievably hard you have worked and we want to recognise and celebrate this. So, this week there is no Purple Mash and instead we have created a selection of ‘rainbow’ activities for you to complete and hopefully enjoy. Please take lots of photographs and upload these onto our ‘online Floorbook’, as we really can’t wait to see what you do J


We are so proud of each and every one of you and if it were SATs week we know you would SMASH IT!!!! So instead let’s have a great week doing lots of fun things and showing how creative and imaginative you can be – show off all those things that SATs do not measure J


Have fun,

Mrs Szabó, Miss Banks and Mr Jessop

Week Beginning 4th May


Welcome to May and well done for all your hard work last week...lots of great things to see on Purple Mash and some fantastic pictures and photographs being uploaded to our Y6 Floorbook (see below for instructions if you haven't posted yet!)


This week we've got loads of great activities loaded-up on Purple Mash, as well as a few other websites that you might like to check-out and have a go at too! Some music and sports links are posted below.


Next week (week beginning 11th May) should have been our SATs to mark the 'special' week for Y6 we've planned some 'extra special' activities...check back on our class page next week for further details...we promise it will be worth it!!!


Don't forget to keep reading and carry on with our school reading challenge...sharing a book every day!


Have a great week...stay safe and look after each other,


Mrs Szabó & Mr Jessop smiley  cool




Music - If music's your thing, you might like to have a look at some of these fabulous music websites with some great activities for you to try out. Don't forget to post anything you do on to our Y6 Floorbook on Purple Mash!


Camerata mini music makers: 


Marvellous Musical Podcasts –

David Walliams


RSNO (Royal Scottish National Orchestra) Music Challenges


Royal Opera House, creative learning at home




Staying Active at Home - If you're a keen sports-person and love to keep active, don't forget to get involved in the challenges that Mr Murphy is posting. He has a daily challenge for families...children, mums, dads, nans, all have a go at. It'd be great to see as many of our fabulously talented Y6s taking part in these fun activities.


                              Mr Murphy - multi sports = @sportscubed  (On Twitter) 


Also, there are weekly sports challenges being set by North Sefton Sports Games.

Check out their Twitter feed and get involved!!


                             North Sefton Sports Games = @NorthSeftonSG (On Twitter)







Sharing your work on Purple Mash


Week 1 spelling list

Week 2 Spelling list

Week 3 Spelling List

Week 4 Spelling List

Week 5 Spelling List

Useful Information:

World Book Day 2020



(Natural Disasters)




Throughout the Spring term we will be looking at a range of 'Natural Disasters', from tornadoes and earthquakes to tsunamis and wild fires. We will focus on the reasons why these events occur, looking at the geology of the land, as well as looking at where in the world they occur. We will also be thinking about the impact these natural disasters have upon the communities; the people, the animals, the buildings and the natural environment.




In English we will be reading the fabulous spy thriller..."Stormbreaker" by Anthony Horowitz. We will be working on a range of different writing tasks, improving our descriptive writing, developing our persuasive work and presenting our very own self-designed spy gadgets!!! ('Q' would be very proud of us!)




We'll be looking all aspects of LIGHT in the first half term; considering how lights travels, how we see things, how light refracts and investigation the visible spectrum! (We've already made some rainbows!)



Spring term is a very important time for all of us in Year 6 as we begin our journey towards the SATs.





 laugh SUMMER TERM laugh

"Coasting Through Birkdale"


Our Summer term theme in Year 6 is a theme of two halves!!

We will have as our constant stimulus the changing coastline of Sefton.

In the first half term we will focus on the HISTORY of the Southport coast.

In the second half term we will concentrate on the GEOGRAPHY of the coastline.



Our History work will explore the development of Southport as a seaside resort. We will look back to the Victorian era, the Industrial Revolution and the development of the steam train which brought many visitors into our area and enabled Southport to grow into a seaside destination of great renown. We will ask questions about how it grew, why Southport and just exactly who came to our town...from where...and why!!!



We are so lucky to live so close to the Sefton coastline and we will use this great resource as the centre of our Geography work this term. A visit to the Nature Reserve and the Formby Sand Dunes will enable us to examine, at first hand, the erosion of the coastline and the work that the local Rangers are doing to preserve the coastline from the powers of the elements.



Animals and their Habitats is one area of Science that we will work on in the summer term and this will give us the opportunity to make fabulous links between our Science work and Geography. During our field trip to the Nature Reserve we will be perfectly placed to examine the natural habitats of many creatures, including the Natterjack Toad which makes Formby Sand Dunes it's Natural habitat.




Amongst other aspects of our English work this term we will be exploring the work of our great 'Bard', William Shakespeare. Using practical techniques of drama and role play we will look in detail at "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

Our Rainbow!! (We created the Visible Spectrum in our classroom)