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Welcome to Class 5S!


Our class teacher is Mrs Sinnott cheeky

Miss Roughly is with us every day and is always ready to help and support us!

Mr Jessop teaches us on Tuesday afternoons and Mr Murphy helps out with P.E. on Thursday mornings. 


School Closure

Please see the below document which will explain how and when activities will be set for the children while they are learning at home. Don't forget to check the Class Blog on Purple Mash and share your news there!


**These are the spellings for the week commencing 30th March. On Purple Mash on Friday there will be a short game for your child to play to test their spelling knowledge!**


illuminate      admiration     foundation     forgotten     gardening

great     grate     fascinate     expression     possession 





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5S Weekly Routine

Indoor P.E. is on Thursday morning - white t-shirt, shorts and pumps or bare feet (no trainers!)

Outdoor P.E. is on Friday afternoon - white t-shirt, shorts or jogging bottoms, trainers or pumps and a jumper or hoodie if it is cold. 


Reading - children are still expected to read a few times each week in Y5 and have this noted in their reading diary by an adult. If on 'free readers', children can choose books from home or our school library but should still have an adult sign their reading diary to show they have read at home. Reward pebbles will be given each time a child reads at home so please try to help them with this. 


Homework - Spelling homework will be given out each Friday and will be due back in the following Friday. Children will have an activity to do with the words they have been given but also need to learn how to spell them. There is a list of activities that the children could do to help with this in the front of the homework book. 


Half-term homework - the 'grid' of homework activities will continue this year instead of weekly Maths etc. The children will be given this sheet in their homework book at the start of the half term and it will be due back in during the last week of the half term. Feel free to present work in the book in any way you wish.