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Monday 6th July

This week we would like you to have a go at gaining a Blue Peter badge! 

There are lots of different ways for you to do this. The badges will also get you into lots of places for free.

Don't forget to upload you completing the challenges onto our floorbook!


Keep doing TTRS, you should aim to do around 15 minutes a day!

Monday 29th June

All your work is set on Purple Mash this week. Please carry on with your sporting activities and upload some pictures.  We love looking at your pictures in the online floor book!!!!

Monday 22nd June

There will continue to be work set on Purple Mash. Please also have a look at BBC Bitesize and the excellent resources they have for every day learning. For your foundation (afternoon) subjects this week we would like you to keep fit!! It is PE week so please follow the link below for your activities and upload any photos onto the year 4 Purple Mash page or post your photos to Twitter.

Sefton School Games Week (Starting 20th June)

Please share your celebrations, videos, photos from National School Sports at Home 2020 via twitter @NorthSeftonSG. @birkdaleprimary


It would be fantastic to see as many young people and their families from across North Sefton having fun and taking part #NSSWtogether


Please see the activity timetable below.

Monday 1st June

Welcome back, we hope you have had a good break from school work and enjoyed the sunshine. Don’t forget to post photos of things you have been up to this week onto our Year 4 floorbook on Purple Mash. Well done to all those children who have posted their activities. We love seeing what you have been doing!

Maths and English

This week we would like you to have a go at the BBC bitesize daily lessons. The English lessons include work on apostrophes (we have already looked at these in school) and maths is all about fractions. There are also lots of activities that have been set on Purple Mash. You and your carers can choose which activities you do. Don’t forget to keep doing TTRS and try and read as much as you can.

Other subjects

For Foundation work this week we would like you to think about litter. There have been lots of things in the local news about how busy our beaches are and the amount of litter some people are leaving. We would like you to think about the damage this can cause.

Watch these clips ‘through a child’s eye’ Greenpeace ‘A Turtles Journey’

Have a think about how you can make a difference.

We would like you to try an experiment this week – In a large glass or old jar place some everyday items of rubbish. You must include something edible (for example an apple core), something made out of hard plastic, some cardboard and some torn up carrier bag. Over the week we would like you to record your findings. How long do items take to decompose? Do they change the colour of the water?

Take some time to do a bit of research into marine litter.

Can you make a poster to highlight to people why they must take their litter home with them and what it could do to animals. Post a photograph of your poster onto the Year 4 floorbook. Everyone that posts a photo will get a prize when we are back.

Monday 18th May

DT Week

Hello everyone. We enjoyed looking at the work that you did last week on Purple mash. Please can we remind you to upload any photographs to the online floorbook. Well done to Caiden and Viktorija who have shared some of their photographs. Why not have a look? Click on the ‘Sharing’ icon at the top of the page next time you go on to Purple Mash

For DT week we want you to do some baking. We thought it would be a good excuse for a delicious treat!!

Please write out the recipe in your own words so that we can make your treat too. Mrs. Grice and Mrs. Corlett love baking!! Remember to write out the list of ingredients and equipment. Then ensure the method is easy to follow. You could add some pictures too if you like.

When you have eaten your tasty treat please evaluate how well it went. You can include a description of how it looks and tastes. What is the texture like? What went well? Would you do anything different next time? Don’t forget to upload a photograph to the online floorbook!

We would like you to do some maths too. Can you work out how much ingredients you would need for twice as many people? Three times as many? Four times as many? Perhaps you can halve the amounts if you wanted to make a smaller portion. How much would you need then?

Don’t forget to keep practising your times tables. Have a go at practising all the related division facts this week.

Keep reading!!! Choose a favourite book you have read recently and write a book review. You can post your recommendations on the floorbook for others to see.

Thank you everyone. We will look forward to seeing your work on the floorbook.

There won’t be any work set for next week because it is half term but don’t forget to check the class page the week after.


Monday 11th May

Hello everyone. We hope you enjoyed the sunshine last week, and you were able to celebrate VE day in some way on Friday. If you have any pictures of your celebrations; whether it is baking, art work or a picnic in the garden; please remember to share them on the Year4 floorbook. (You can find this under the green world sharing icon at the top of the home page on Purple Mash. The instructions of how to upload can be found below).

This week we would like you to focus on the ‘My Life in Lockdown’ project. We are asking you to  reflect on your own personal experiences of life in lockdown during the Coronavirus outbreak by either writing, drawing or photographing something about your day-to-day experiences.

You could articulate your feelings and experiences through the power of poetry, through a diary entry or even simply through a picture or photograph.

Please see the attachment below.

You may also continue with the Maths and English set last week.

Mrs Grice and Mrs Corlett have been busy baking, we have shared this on the year 4 online floor book. Don’t forget to share all the things you have been doing.


Monday 4th May

We hope everyone is well. We have really enjoyed speaking to so many of you on the telephone and hearing about all the things you have been up to. If we haven’t been able to get through to you yet, don’t worry we will keep trying.

Please remember to upload your photographs of your work and the other fun things that you have been up to. It will be a great record of this strange time and all the things we have been up to. How to upload is a bit further down this page.

This week’s activities are listed below. Please try to engage in as many as you can. It helps bring a bit of routine to the day to complete a few things and don’t forget to upload your photos onto the year 4 online floorbook.


You will find the English on Purple Mash each day. We have kept to a World War 2 theme so it is set around the story Buster’s Blitz. For some children, it is advisable to read the story with them.  We have set the work over 2 weeks, with a day off on Friday to allow for VE celebrations!

On Thursday and Friday of the second week, please use English time to practise the Year 3/4 key words (found at the bottom of the class pages). You could choose 10 to put into sentences.



Well done for all your times table work last week!

For the next two weeks it is all about area and perimeter

Please follow the link to Oak Academy and the maths section on area and perimeter. You will find 10 different lessons on this subject. One each day. There is an opening quiz, then you click on next activity and watch a video. You then need to click next activity again and it will take you to a series of slides. You can print the sheets off if you are able to but it is not necessary if you can’t. The children can work on normal paper. Once you have done these click on next activity and complete the exit quiz. We would love you to show us your work for the week on the floor book. We are hoping that these lessons will make teaching and learning easier for the children and parents.

Please also try to complete as many goes on TTRS as you can.


Foundation Subjects

History VE day

Your History this week is all about VE day, which is on Friday. Try and do as many of these tasks as you can and post a photo of you doing them or your work onto the year 4 floorbook.

Keeping fit at home! 


As many of you are aware Mr Murphy is uploading daily challenges on social media platforms for families to complete at home. I would encourage you all to take part in these fun games! In addition to this there is also weekly sport challenges that you can complete from North Sefton Sports Games. 


Mr Murphy - multi sports = @sportscubed  (On Twitter) 


North Sefton Sports Games = @NorthSeftonSG (On Twitter)



Please have a look at all of these exciting music ideas: 


Marvellous Musical Podcasts – David Walliams


RSNO (Royal Scottish National Orchestra) Music Challenges


Royal Opera House, creative learning at home


Monday 27th April

We hope everyone is well. We are looking forward to trying to speak to everyone by phone over the next few weeks to check everything is ok and most importantly the children are happy.  As we have said before, this is the most important thing. We would of course like you to try and engage with as many of the activities that we have set but we do understand that some days are busier than others.

We have added a year 4 online floor-book onto Purple Mash. It is really easy to upload photos of work set on Purple Mash or photos of activities you have been doing at home.

We would love to see photos of what you have been up to - out walking, playing in the garden, cooking, art, sport and anything else you have been enjoying, these all count towards your foundation subjects.

This week, some of your activities will be on Purple Mash and some will be on different websites or activities for you to do at home and if you can; upload photos onto the online floor-book.


Your activities for the week are all on Purple Mash, please try and complete as many as you can and keep up with your reading.


This week it’s all about times tables!

Monday- complete as many goes as you can on TimesTable Rockstars.

Tuesday – practise your 8 times table over and over, write it out, sing it, get someone to test you on it. Watch the Adele song

Wednesday – Top Marks Maths – Hit the Button. Try to complete as many as you can and have a competition against someone in the house.

Thursday – watch and practise your 9 times tables on your hands.

Friday – Topmarks Daily 10

Foundation Subjects

This week we would love you to complete the different activities on BBC Bitesize. You can try and do one a day or choose at least 2 to complete over the week – don’t forget to upload your photos of your work onto the floor-book.


Welcome back!

We hope you all enjoyed Easter and managed to eat some chocolate. 
We will be setting tasks on Purple Mash each week for you to complete.

Maths tasks on Purple Mash don’t always have the correct input for parents so you could follow the new White Rose Maths pages or the new BBC Bitesize page. There is a video and task for each day. The children won’t be able to use the work sheets (unless you want to print them) so if the children try their best to complete them in a notebook. They have the answers for parents to check their children's work. Please start at week one year 4 or the date on BBC bitesize.


  • Maths Fun You can register onto this site for free. 

It is so important that you and your parents don’t get stressed out by these tasks. Take your time. The most important things that you can do is to carry on reading and learning your times tables by playing lots of games, TTRS and singing songs. If you’re reluctant to read why not ask a grown up or older sibling to take turns to read a page each. 

This is a great opportunity to really learn how to tell the time. Get someone to keep asking you what time it is throughout the day. 
Keep enjoying the sunshine, relax, be good and not too much gaming!

BBC Bitesize

The BBC have launched online lessons for children in each year group. Please take time to check it out. There are some great science, history and geography lessons. This term in science we would have been looking at light and habitats.


Well done to all those children who have been busy working from home! I can see all the brilliant tasks you have completed on Purple Mash and I’m impressed. You have until Sunday evening to complete as many tasks as you can. Keep reading, learning your times tables, being helpful at home and keeping your rooms tidy! 😀👍😀

Why not have a go at making a rainbow 🌈 and sticking it in your window. 

Because so many of you have been working so hard on Purple Mash we have continued to put some Easter based activities for you to complete over the holidays. Make sure you are continuing with TTRS and doing lots of reading. There are lots of educational programs that you can watch to help you with your History and Geography (Horrible Histories is a good one to watch).

After Easter we would normally be learning about the Ancient Maya so try and find out all you can about this subject. We will be putting some links up soon to interesting programs about the Maya. 
Have a great Easter and don’t eat too much chocolate!! 


Home learning 
Please see the attached timetable for more details.

The year 4 tasks for the week will go live on a Monday. All of the weeks activities for the week will go on at the same time and it is up to you as and when you complete them but try to spread the activities out (the timetable is a guide). The children will have a week to do the tasks. There are loads of additional activities on Purple Mash that the children can complete at anytime (they don’t have to be set). The maths and English tasks should be able to be done by the children without too much help from an adult but they might need a bit of reassurance. The topic tasks might need some additional research to complete them. We have added other websites that they are familiar with to help with their times table knowledge.

PE - Joe Wicks is doing a live PE lesson for children on his Youtube channel at 9am every morning. 
Keep an eye on here, will update this page.
Anything that you do together with your children will benefit them (cooking, gardening, games, watching documentaries) please try not to worry. They are a fabulous bunch of children and Mrs Corlett and Mrs Grice will miss them while we are off.

This has free books for the children to read, many of the titles are the same as the books in school.

The children each have a log in code for this site. It is brilliant site for learning times tables.
I have found a website for the children to use to help develop their inference and reading skills. As the children work through the texts they will get harder. I can’t do individual codes for each of them because we cannot have personal details on this page but if you sign up as a student (not parent) you can then add the class code ILWP0KBF (the 0 is a number) and I can see which children have signed up. Thanks


Mr Murphy (our school PE teacher) is adding a daily PE challenge to his Facebook page - Sportscube. See if you can beat his challenge!



Timetable for working from home.

Activities for Home

​​​​​​In Maths we have been learning about fractions. The tasks on Purple Mash are based on this. You can also make your own fractions with Lego!

Welcome to 4G!smileysmileysmiley


Our Class Teacher is Mrs Grice



 On Tuesday morning, Ms. Prosser will be teaching us and Mrs. Jones will teach us on a Friday afternoon. Mrs. Scutt and Mrs. Stewart are members of our support team too! Some of us are taught by Mrs. Corlett for maths.


This term we are lucky enough to be learning a brass instrument with Mr. Dempsey.  We will each be given an instrument to bring home and practise.

Please ensure that it is brought to school every Monday for the lesson. 


Class Information



Uniform and PE Kit

Please ensure that all coats/uniform/PE kits/water bottles are labelled with children's names.

Indoor PE is on Monday- please ensure that PE kits are always in school. Outdoor PE is on Wednesday- trainers are good idea for this. Also, tracksuits in winter are essential!

Please remember that trainers, jewellery and extreme hairstyles are not permitted. See our uniform policy for full details.



There is an expectation that all children will continue to undertake daily reading, as little as 10 minutes a day makes a difference. Please remember to sign your child's reading record, even if they have read independently. The children will need to bring their reading records into school each day along with their reading books.

Children will receive a list of spellings to learn weekly and a range of homework activities to complete half termly.


During the autumn term we will be learning about Italy and Ancient Rome. Check our page regularly for photo updates and keep track of us on twitter- @birkdaleprimary





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