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Welcome to 3M!




Our class teacher is Mrs Menary. Last term we learnt all about...




Our Stone Age adventure.

Hiding from the animals and creating cave drawings!

We had a great time learning about the Stone Age cave paintings whilst hiding from the animals in our cave!


We loved learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age. We learnt all about hill-forts, the importance of metal and the Beaker people.


Ancient Greeks

We have been learning all about the Greek gods and goddesses as well as what life was like during the Ancient Greek times. We have read lots of great Greek myths too! We know who defeated the Minotaur, who killed Medusa and we even know why the Greeks believed we have the seasons!


We will also be learning about Greece as a country now and all about the city states that it was divided up into during the Ancient Greek times. 







Information about our school week in Year 3.


Monday -

P.E (outdoor) 



P.E (indoor) 



Mrs Jones is teaching us on a Thursday morning.


We have our clarinet (dood) lessons on a Thursday afternoon.