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Week beginning Monday 29th June


Keep up the good work everyone. laughThere are lots of really interesting lessons this week so make sure you click on the links below to check them out! You can still check purple mash as some activities will be set on there for you!


English- This week is all about poetry. Have fun reading and writing your own whilst learning about different features.








Maths- All about fractions this week. We have looked at fractions and Monday’s lesson is introducing them to you again just incase you may have forgotten about them!






Friday: Purple Mash x tables









Week beginning Monday 22nd June


Below is your work for the week. Remember there are still activities set on purple mash but most of the lessons will be here. You can upload pictures on twitter of any work you have done that you are particularly proud of! Have a good week everyone.








Friday: Have a go at writing a short story and creating your own characters. They could go on an adventure to find something magical or rescue a friend from a monster. The lessons from last week and this week will help you to make it interesting. You should try to use what you have learnt from these lessons in your story. If you want to use a story hill to help you plan your story you can. (We have done this in class together lots of times before!)







Thursday: Purple Mash x tables

Friday: Purple Mash x tables









Sefton School Games Week (Starting 20th June)

Please share your celebrations, videos, photos from National School Sports at Home 2020 via twitter @NorthSeftonSG. @birkdaleprimary


It would be fantastic to see as many young people and their families from across North Sefton having fun and taking part #NSSWtogether


Please see the activity timetable below.

Week beginning Monday 15th June


Hello everyone! cheeky We know that everyone has different things going on at home at the moment so please don't be daunted by how much work is on our class page this week. There will be less on Purple mash and please just do what you can. Remember that reading anything and everything is still so important! We hope you have fun with the lessons this week. laugh

Mrs Menary and Mr Gallagher



English Lessons


It may look like a lot but this is work that we have already covered. It would be very beneficial to recap nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and expanded noun phrases so please use these links below to help you! 








Maths Lessons






Friday: Purple mash x tables.









Half Term - Week Commencing 25th May


This week we will not be setting any work on Purple Mash. Instead we would like you to spend time together as a family. However, we would recommend that fundamentals such as reading and times tables are continued. 


Well done to all the children who have been engaging with the online activities so far. Keep it up and don't forget to post any pictures on our school Twitter @birkdaleprimary


Stay safe, keep smiling and see you soon. 


Mr Gallagher x

Are you looking for some inspiration for different

things to do at home?

Try some of these websites for ideas..... 

A list of useful resources from Sefton council. 

This website includes plans for rhyming multi-sensory stories with Makaton and links for music activities. There are also videos on how to learn how to juggle, play boccia and making sensory dough. 

Some nice English and Maths activities that you can print off at home. 

These are free learning packs.

This has some nice links and practical ideas for things to do. 

We know a lot of you have enjoyed your own projects at home- you could use this website to explore some more ideas for Science. 

Some nice little PE based activities. 

Mental health and wellbeing document from British Psychology Society. 

Enjoying Musical Moments at Home!

Here are some websites you can use at home with lots of musical activities to keep you all busy!

Enjoy and don't forget you can share a picture of the Year Two display board on Purple Mash!



Camerata mini music makers: 


Marvellous Musical Podcasts – David Walliams


RSNO (Royal Scottish National Orchestra) Music Challenges


Royal Opera House, creative learning at home

Monday 11th May


Excellent work last week Year 3! It was fantastic to see all of the VE day inspired activities you were all doing at home! I hope you all had fun on Friday taking part in the nations toast to our heroes from WW2.


This week all of our work is on Purple Mash! Please continue to engage in the activities whilst also looking at the links provided further down the class page. 


There are now only a small amount of children who I have been unable to speak to on the phone. I will be trying to get in touch with the rest of you this week and look forward to having a chat! 


Stay safe, keep smiling and see you soon! 


Mr Gallagher  



Monday 4th May


Well done to everyone who participated in Art week! It was great to see all of your fantastic Art and smiling faces! I would encourage you to share any extra activities you are doing at home on our school Twitter. This is a nice way of sharing different activities.


It was lovely to speak to you all on the phone last week. Please do not worry if you missed my call. I will keep trying until I get in touch. 


English and maths activities for this week will be uploaded onto Purple Mash! We are encouraging all children in year 3 this week to focus on times tables. Please see the links further down the page to help you with this. The rest of your activities this week are all about VE day, which is on Friday. Try and do as many of these tasks as you can and upload any photos tagging the school Twitter! 

VE Day Challenge Box

If you want to you can print off this box below.

Keeping fit at home! 


As many of you are aware Mr Murphy is uploading daily challenges on social media platforms for families to complete at home. I would encourage you all to take part in these fun games! In addition to this there is also weekly sport challenges that you can complete from North Sefton Sports Games. 


Mr Murphy - multi sports = @sportscubed  (On Twitter) 


North Sefton Sports Games = @NorthSeftonSG (On Twitter)

Week Commencing 27/04/2020 


Art Week - Greek Poster!


This week we would like all of the children in Year 3 to have their very own Art Week at home. This Art project should run through the whole week just like it would have done had we all been in school. There is a reduced amount of work being uploaded onto Purple Mash this week in order for you to have plenty of time to complete this task. However, you can still find some fun activities in your alerts section on Purple Mash. 


Your task is to create a Greek Poster (ideally on A3 paper)! You will pick your favourite Greek God/Goddess to centre your Greek Poster around. 

Step 1

You will need to research/recap your chosen Greek God/Goddess to remind you of their powers and what symbols represent them. These symbols will form your poster. For example a poster centred around Zeus would consist of thunder bolts, eagles and bulls. Don't panic there are examples below for you to visualize what you are working towards! 



Step 2                  Time to decide :) 


There are two options for you decide from. 


Option 1 - to create your Greek poster on paper at home, ideally A3.

(using a range of colours, paint, pens, crayons etc.)


Option 2 - to create your Greek poster online using the 2do set for you on Purple Mash.


Step 3      Enjoy! 


Now you have made your decision enjoy creating your Greek poster. The main colours of your poster will depend on the God or Goddess that you have chosen. For example, a poster based around Artemis would include dark colours and moons. 

Please ensure the name of your God/Goddess is large and stands out on your poster!



We hope that you enjoy this task and have plenty of fun as a family being creative. Please remember that this is a week long task and does not to need to be finished in one go(one day). We really look forward to seeing all of your Greek posters at the end of the week. We would love it if you could tweet a picture of you and your poster to the school twitter account on Friday! Good luck and enjoy being creative at home! Mr Gallagher and Mrs Menary x


Please see below last years Greek Posters as a guideline for your very own.







Welcome back


I hope you all enjoyed Easter at home with your families and ate plenty of chocolate!

Your weekly tasks will continue to be set on Purple Mash. It is strongly encouraged that times tables and reading are completed daily alongside these weekly tasks. 

I am thoroughly enjoying reading all of your lovely comments on Purple Mash, keep it up.



Happy Easter 3G


Happy Easter 3G! I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and learning at home! Stay safe and keep up all of the fabulous work you are producing online! 


See you all soon 


Mr Gallagher







Working from home


Well done to all children who have been busy working from home! It has been lovely to see all of your hard work on Purple Mash. Every Monday there will be new tasks set for the week, you have until Sunday evening to complete the tasks that appear in your alerts. 


Alongside your Purple Mash activities please ensure you are continually working on your times tables(3,4 and 8). 




Please see the attached timetable for more details.

The year 3 tasks for the week will go live on a Monday. All of the weeks activities for the week will go on at the same time and it is up to you as and when you complete them but try to spread the activities out (the timetable is a guide). The children will have a week to do the tasks. There are loads of additional activities on Purple Mash that the children can complete at anytime (they don’t have to be set). The maths and English tasks should be able to be done by the children without too much help from an adult but they might need a bit of reassurance. The topic tasks might need some additional research to complete them. We have added other websites that they are familiar with to help with their times table knowledge.



Welcome to 3G's class page

Our class teacher is Mr Gallagher. On a Friday morning Mrs Jones will be teaching us. 

Mrs Scutt, Mrs Watson, Mrs Stewart and Miss Brown support us too at different stages throughout the week.



This year we are going to be learning a wide range of exciting and interesting things. Firstly, we will be learning all about the Stone Age and just what it was like to live such a long time ago. 


We have lots of exciting experiments to take part in throughout the year, starting with our rocks topic! 



Class Information 


Outdoor PE is on Monday afternoon - tracksuits for the winter are essential!

Indoor PE is on Wednesday afternoon - please ensure that your PE kit remains in school throughout the term.






There is an expectation that all children will continue to undertake daily reading at home. Please remember to evidence this reading by signing your child's reading diary. This will enable your child to gain dojo's each day for continual reading at home.


Weekly Spellings


Spellings will be given out each Friday. These spellings are for your child to learn throughout the week. Please remember to return the spelling book to school each Friday in order for your child to get their new set of spellings. 




Autumn Term 


During the Autumn Term, we learned all about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. In English we created our very own chapter for the book Matilda. We used a range of things such as our senses and expanded noun phrases to bring our writing to life! 




Spring Term 


This Term we will be learning all about the Ancient Greeks. In our English lessons we will be writing our own Greek Myth. We will cover a range of Greek Myths such as, Theseus and the Minotaur, Perseus and Medusa and Pandora's Box. In History we will be learning much more about the Greek Gods and Goddesses. We will even be comparing Ancient Greece to Greece as the country it is now!