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Reception 2 (R2)

Welcome to R2!

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Ellis, our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Abram and Mrs Jones helps us in R2 and R1.

We are also very lucky to have some other adults who help us during the week.

We hope you find the following information useful.


A newsletter comes home on a regular basis letting parents know what we are learning and giving ideas and suggestion as to how help and support can be offered.

Any letters will also be attached to our classroom window for reference.
We have PE on a Tuesday and it really does help all the staff if you could practice at home, helping your child to dress and undress. Please could you also make sure that all items of clothing are named, including school shoes. Thank you.

Handwriting homework is sent out on a Friday and is returned on the Monday. Please could you spend some time helping your child with the correct tripod pencil grip and formation of pre-cursive letters and recapping on the phonic sounds given - every bit helps!

Our two class bears Will and George go home with our two Star of the Week children so keep trying hard in all you do. If it's not you this Friday, it could be you next week! Our Star of the Week pair also get to sit on a special cushion for the week too.


Autumn Term smiley

Our topic for this term is Magical Me! We will be introduced to the characters from the Oxford Reading Scheme we use in school. Our Literacy focus will be based on a range of books with links to our topic. Phonic sessions take place on a daily basis and children will be learning to blend and segment words in readiness for reading. 

 Number work covers place value, addition, subtraction and shape to name a few areas.



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Spring Term


Our class topic this half term is 'Winter'.The children will be learning about the season of winter and the changes that occur at this time of year.  They will be finding out about animals that hibernate during the winter and how animals stay warm.  They will look at globes, atlases and the internet to find out about animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctica.  They will carry out science experiments that encourage the children to predict what will happen and why and then to talk about their findings. And finally, they will create winter themed art work through drawing, painting, paper sculpting and sewing.


Please read the topic newsletter to see in greater detail what the children will be learning about through each mini-topic.


Thank you to all of our grandparents who help us celebrate 'Grandparents Week' in school on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th February.  We hope you enjoyed the cakes we baked for you and that you also enjoyed looking at our activity books.



Chinese New Year 2018

The Year of the Dog


We are learning all about Chinese New Year in school this week.  We will find out how people celebrate Chinese New Year, we will watch a dragon dance and listen to the story about how each animal had a year named after it. We will be making dancing dragons and then finishing our week off by tasting some chinese food.


Kung Hei Fat Choy


That's all for now - see you soon!no


Summer Term

Goodness, where has this school year gone to! 

In Literacy we are looking at Fiction and Non- Fiction texts covering Spring and Growing. We are covering the Life Cycle of a Frog and closely observing the changes to our class tadpoles. Our next topic will be Dinosaurs and Pirates! Exciting themes to encourage the children to become Superstar writers! In Mathematics we are covering doubling and halving, addition, subtraction, sharing and problem solving.

Our topic work is enhanced with artwork using a variety of different media and covering a range of skills. As part of our topic on Growing, we are having a special delivery of Duck Eggs to school to observe and hopefully hatch! - Watch this space to see what happens!

See you soon! laugh