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Reception 1 (R1)

Hello and welcome to R1's class web page


We are......
Mrs Eden and Mrs Hales
and of course, our class of 31 children.



General class information

PE takes place on a Thursday morning 
Water bottles (plain water only) and school book bags should be brought to school everyday 
All school clothing including pumps should be named
We enter and exit school through the double blue doors
Handwriting homework will be given out every Friday to be returned on Monday
Please spend at least 5 minutes every night hearing your child read.


Spring Term

Our class topic this half term is 'Winter'.

The children will be learning about the season of winter and

the changes that occur at this time of year.  They will be finding out about animals that hibernate during the winter and how animals stay warm.  They will look at globes, atlases and the internet to find out about animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctica.  They will carry out science experiments that encourage the children to predict what will happen and why and then to talk about their findings. And finally, they will create winter themed art work through drawing, painting, paper sculpting and sewing.


Please read the topic newsletter to see in greater detail what the children will be learning about through each mini-topic.


The Christmas Holiday Shoeboxes

Thank you so much for helping your child to collect Christmas things for their holiday shoebox.  They were an amazing success and they couldn't wait to show everyone what was inside.  We took photographs and put a picture in their workbooks for you to see at parent's evening.  What a busy holiday you had from visiting Wales, Scotland, going ice-skating, watching a pantomine, walking through leaves in the park to elves visiting gardens on Christmas Eve..... WOW!  



The handwriting this spring term will now focus on spelling the phase 2 high frequency words. We will continue to give the children 5 words each week to practise.  There will be NO test. It is purely for handwriting practise.


Teaching Student

We have a 3rd year teaching student from Edge Hill University who is currently with us every Monday and Thursday on serial placement visits.  Miss Cumisky will begin her 11 week block practice on 6th February.  Once her block placement begins she will be at the blue doors in a morning and at the end of the day so please feel welcome to speak to her about your child. We posted a picture of her on 'Twitter' before Christmas.



Autumn Term

Our class topic this term is 'Magical Me'. 

The children will learning all about themselves, their friends and their family. 


Please read our class newsletters to find out what the children will be learning

about in each mini topic and the ways in which you can help at home.


'All about Me' stars need to be completed and sent back into school no later than

Monday 19th September so that the children can talk about them during circle time. 




A Creative Approach in the Teaching and Learning of Early Years Children 

10th-15th October 2016

A big thank you to Mrs Lucas, Mrs James and Mrs Rowlands for teaching R1.  The children told us all about the activities they had done while we were away from harvest printing, creating autumn leaves and sculpting clay hedgehogs, not forgetting listening to a story about Kipper the dog who lost his favourite toy!


On Monday afternoon we celebrated our return to school by having an Italian afternoon.  We showed the children the photographs we had taken (not the entire 202), listened to Italian music, made an Italian flag and finished the afternoon eating Italian biscuits with a drink of milk.


We have already started to evaluate our learning environment in light of our observations and we intend to modify the way in which we deliver our topic sessions to the children; more time to explore the topic, more time spent on communicating using all five senses and more autonomy in expressing the process of learning.




Dates for your diary....

Parents Evening - Wednesday 9th November 3.30-7.00pm. 


R1 Christmas Nativity Play - Wednesday 7th December 10am. 

2 tickets only per family and yes, you can take photographs and a video of the play providing that the photographs are for your viewing only.  We kindly ask that you do not post any visual evidence onto social media websites for privacy reasons. Please respect individual family circumstances.



That's all for now