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Gardening club meet every Tuesday after school. Come wind, rain or shine there is always something to do.

Mrs Stewart, Miss Kool and last year's batch of gardeners were delighted to discover that the potatoes we planted last spring had successfully grown into some impressive spuds! Stay posted for some photographs.


As promised here are some photographs of the gardening club potatoes! This week we dug up some carrots as well. All in all we have been very productive!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
On the 30th of October last year the gardening club took part in a pumpkin competition. They each had their own pumpkin which they then designed on a scary Halloween face onto it. Mrs Stewart and Miss Kool assisted the children in carving out the design but the children had lots of hard work to do while scooping out the insides which they all found disgusting!!!
Mrs Lucas had very the hard job of choosing the winner! The whole school really enjoyed them while they were on display at the disco.
Mr Sheeran will annouce the winner in Fridays star of the week assembly.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Gardening Club Experiment!! - November update

Due to the bad weather, the tomatoes in the greenhouse hadn't ripened as we had wished. We decided to try out a few ideas to see if any of them facilitated the ripening of the tomatoes. We tried the following:
1. Putting the tomatoes in a paper bag
2. Putting the tomatoes in a bowl with other ripened tomatoes
3. Putting the tomatoes in a bowl on their own

Mrs Stewart ensured that all other factors remained constant and the tomatoes were put in a cupboard in her house. After some days this is what we discovered:

1. The tomatoes which had been placed with already ripened tomatoes started to ripen first!
2. Then the tomatoes in the paper bag started to ripen.
3. After a few weeks all of the tomatoes in the paper bag had ripened, nearly all of the tomatoes placed with the ripened tomatoes had ripened (but not all!).
4. The tomatoes that were left in a bowl by themselves were still green!

Stay posted for more news!!!!!!!!

Emma Pye won the Pumpkin competition!!!
Congratulations to Emma Pye for winning the Pumpkin competition! WELL DONE!   

Picture 1 This is were our hard work takes root...
Picture 2 The gardening club greenhouse.
Picture 3 We planted potatoes...
Picture 4 The planter to be seen at Southport train station!