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Welcome to our Breakfast and After School page.
            Mrs Watson                     Mrs McCormac                 Mrs Stewart
                          Mrs Massam                      Mrs Selby       Mrs Simpson              


We run our clubs for our working parents and are able to include children from Reception Classes all the way up to Year 6 pupils.
Children are able to attend from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm.
Call in and have a chat with us if you wish your child to attend. Application packs are available from the office or from us during club hours. Online forms available at the bottom of this page for you to print.

Mrs Selby - Club Leader

Breakfast and Afterschool Club booklet - includes times and prices

Domino Downfall

Still image for this video
Picture 1 Put the horses in the stable
Picture 2 Ready to defend our castle
Picture 3 Prepare the castle
Picture 4 Designing a new town
Picture 5 Taking the register
Picture 6 The building team
Picture 7 Our stained glass windows of portraits
Picture 8 Our stained glass windows of portraits
Picture 9 Our stained glass windows of portraits
Picture 10 Our stained glass windows of portraits
Picture 11 Our stained glass windows of portraits
Picture 12 Our Christmas Stars
Picture 13 Our Christmas Tree
Picture 14 Our tree for all seasons
Picture 15 Preparing our portraits for our window display
Picture 16 Preparing our portraits for our window display
Picture 17 Lego
Picture 18 Jigsaw completed
Picture 19 Dinosaur City
Picture 20 Dinosaur City
Picture 21 After School Club
Picture 22 After School Club
Picture 23 After School Club
Picture 24 Urban Lego
Picture 25 The Dragon 8 The Dragon 8
Picture 26 The Dragon 7
Picture 27 The Dragon 6
Picture 28 The Dragon 5
Picture 29 The Dragon 4
Picture 30 The Dragon 3
Picture 31 The Dragon 2
Picture 32 The Dragon 1
Picture 33 Look what we made
Picture 34 Look what I made
Picture 35 Look what I made
Picture 36 Look what I made
Picture 37 Wooden Dominoes
Picture 38 Setting up the dominoes
Picture 39 Reading Corner
Picture 40 Reading Corner
Picture 41 Read with me
Picture 42 Playdough fun
Picture 43 Pirate ship
Picture 44 Peace at last
Picture 45 Peace at last
Picture 46 Mega Block Tower
Picture 47 Knitting and Crocheting
Picture 48 Jelly Treat
Picture 1 In the Cube
Picture 2 I can see you
Picture 3 Greek Temple
Picture 4 Domino Pattern
Picture 5 Careful!
Picture 6 Brick Building
Picture 7 Biscuit Making
Picture 8 Awesome Crafts
Picture 9 Autumn Playdough
Picture 10 Jenga Tower
Picture 11 We made new track
Picture 12 Waiting for the tree to topple
Picture 13 Train track
Picture 14 Total concentration
Picture 15 The pirates have landed
Picture 16 The Pirates are coming!
Picture 17 The Great Wall of Children
Picture 18 Table Football
Picture 19 Stencils
Picture 20 Snow on the farm
Picture 21 Snow on the farm
Picture 22 Snow on the farm
Picture 23 War on Dinosaur Island
Picture 24 Save the Dinosaurs
Picture 25 Our 3rd Birthday Cake!
Picture 26 Oskar and Matthew save the day
Picture 27 Making leaves with our hands
Picture 28 Lego Luxury Mansion
Picture 29 Into the station
Picture 30 Hand shaped leaves
Picture 31 Drawing our hands to make a Christmas Tree
Picture 32 Dominoes
Picture 33 Domino Express
Picture 34 Colouring Fun
Picture 35 Castle bunting
Picture 36 Castle Bunting
Picture 37 Buzz and Woody
Picture 38 Autumn leaves are falling
Picture 39 A party to go to
Picture 40 Building together
Picture 41 Spanish dance
Picture 42 Dressing up fun.
Picture 43 Dressing up fun.
Picture 44 Spanish fun
Picture 45 New term, new friends and lots of fun!
Picture 46 New term, new friends and lots of fun!
Picture 47 New term, new friends and lots of fun!
Picture 1 How do I look?
Picture 2 Snack time
Picture 3 Four in a row?
Picture 4 Detached home with garage.
Picture 5 New term, new friends and lots of fun!
Picture 6 Busy Barbies.
Picture 7 Paper craft
Picture 8 Trains
Picture 9 Where does this go?
Picture 10 Let's read together.
Picture 11 Riding home
Picture 12 New term, new friends and lots of fun!
Picture 13 New term, new friends and lots of fun!
Picture 14 Bat wings
Picture 15 Setting up the game
Picture 16 "No prob, Bob!"
Picture 17 Hanger Art
Picture 18 Producing PowerPoint Presentations
Picture 19 Red Nose Day 2013
Picture 20 Mrs Journeaux painting a nose with toes
Picture 21 Mrs Clarke
Picture 22 Matthew's Plane
Picture 23 Mixed up models
Picture 24 Crazy costumes
Picture 25 Guess Who?
Picture 26 Our Great Wall of Children
Picture 27 Our Winter Scene
Picture 28 Building work continues
Picture 29 Medical assistance on standby (
Picture 30 Wraps
Picture 31 Make yourself a wrap
Picture 32 Fruit Snacks
Picture 33 After school snacks
Picture 34 Lofty the crane has arrived to help!
Picture 35 Careful colouring
Picture 36 Number Train
Picture 37 Mrs Watson by Tamsin
Picture 38 Mrs Watson by Mrs Journeaux
Picture 39 Mrs Watson by Lucy
Picture 40 Mrs Trees by Emily
Picture 41 Mrs Journeaux by Annabelle
Picture 42 Mrs Journeaux by Amy
Picture 43 Mrs Clarke by Mrs Journeaux
Picture 44 Chef in charge of cupcakes
Picture 45 Building work at Birkdale
Picture 46 Our version of the buiding work
Picture 47 Yummy Cupcakes
Picture 48 Freshly baked
Picture 1 Crack them into the bowl
Picture 2 The recipe needs eggs
Picture 3 The Baking table
Picture 4 A little knitting, a little colouring
Picture 5 Our Portrait Gallery
Picture 6 MrsT by Lucy & Yasmin, MrsJ by MrsC, MrsW by Matth
Picture 7 Mrs Trees by Ryan - Mrs Clarke by Maisie
Picture 8 Portrait painting - Mrs Watson by Eve & Danny
Picture 9 Portrait painting - Mrs Watson by Edward & Alyssa
Picture 10 Portrait painting - Mrs NcCormac by Noah
Picture 11 Portrait painting - Mrs Watson by Nell
Picture 12 Portrait painting - Mrs Trees by Mrs Journeaux
Picture 13 Portrait painting - Mrs Watson by Ella
Picture 14 Portrait Painting - Mrs Watson by Aaron
Picture 15 Pizza Edwardo
Picture 16 Enjoying a fruit wrap
Picture 17 Jumping for Joy as the snow starts to fall
Picture 18 Cotton Eye Joe
Picture 19 Cotton Eye Joe
Picture 20 Cotton Eye Joe
Picture 21 This means war
Picture 22 Let battle commence
Picture 23 Snack Time
Picture 24 Snack Time
Picture 25 Ready to draw
Picture 26 What shall I make?
Picture 27 Awesome Art
Picture 28 A Cat in a Hat
Picture 29 Time to draw
Picture 30 Ready to Play
Picture 31 Register time for cuddly toys.
Picture 32 Pile of Superheroes!
Picture 33 Lego creation
Picture 34 Cpt Awesome-Parachute Regiment Girl & other heroes
Picture 35 Eddie The Eagle Girl
Picture 36 Princess Superhero and Power Ranger
Picture 37 The great big domino competition
Picture 38 Dressing up
Picture 39 Dressing up
Picture 40 Dressing up
Picture 41 An American Eagle
Picture 42 Put them on here to dry girls
Picture 43 I want a blue star
Picture 44 I like driving in my car
Picture 45 I am painting my star purple
Picture 46 Look at my star!
Picture 47 Can we help you?
Picture 48 Deep in Concentration
Picture 1 Painting our salt dough stars
Picture 2 A Christmas Star
Picture 3 Mathew's new town
Picture 4 The big build
Picture 5 Dominoes
Picture 6 Dominoes
Picture 7 Budding Designers
Picture 8 Time to clean the stables
Picture 9 Breakfast Time
Picture 10 World Book Day 1st March 2012
Picture 11 Wii Dance
Picture 12 Twisting the night away
Picture 13 Sporticus
Picture 14 Catching up with a bit of reading
Picture 15 Concentration!
Picture 16 Play dough Tardis
Picture 17 Princess Play of Dough
Picture 18 World Thinking Day - Brownies,Guides,Cubs & Scouts
Picture 19 Triple decker train
Picture 20 You draw the track, I will draw the train
Picture 21 Let's go!
Picture 22 Wii-Wii-Wii
Picture 23 Please can you pass me some more
Picture 24 The Secret Den
Picture 25 Cutting and sticking
Picture 26 Time to go for a walk
Picture 27 Chess champions
Picture 28 Barbie Party
Picture 29 A glittery nightime scene.
Picture 30 Who is the richest?
Picture 31 Monopoly!
Picture 32 Moving home!
Picture 33 A host of little angels!
Picture 34 Another host of little angels!
Picture 35 Oh no! The pirates are taking over the fort.
Picture 36 Anyone for juice?
Picture 37 I can't reach any higher!
Picture 38 Early morning in the computer Suite.
Picture 39 Early morning in the computer Suite.
Picture 40 Early morning in the computer Suite.
Picture 41 After School Club in full flow.
Picture 42 Busy,busy,busy!!!
Picture 43 Can you hear me?
Picture 44 What's happening over there?
Picture 45 Back to the future.
Picture 46 Get me to the church on time.
Picture 47 I'll make a list!
Picture 48 Guarding the fort!
Picture 1 Which outfit shall we choose?
Picture 2 Fashion Show
Picture 3 Heart to Heart
Picture 4 Take aim-Fire!
Picture 5 Fort Duplo
Picture 6 Play Doh Pudsey
Picture 7 Play Doh Monsters
Picture 8 Titanic
Picture 9 Snack Time
Picture 10 Snack Time
Picture 11 Twister
Picture 12 Connect four
Picture 13 Twister
Picture 14 Little Play Doh Monsters
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18 Get Down from there ! Bad Puppy !
Picture 19 Home Sweet Home!
Picture 20 Queen of the Castle
Picture 21 Breakfast and After School Club