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frown Welcome to 6P Class! frown



Our teacher is Ms Prosser.


We are very lucky to have Mrs Scutt, Mr Nuttall & Mrs Brown  

also working with us.


Mr Stevenson teaches us on a Thursday afternoon and

Mrs Cousins teaches us on a Friday afternoon.

                   School Council: Chair - Erin Vernon

                                 Treasurer - Sophie Davies

                    Class representative - Mia Howgate


                       Eco Group: Mathew Batcheler

                       Star Group: Margot Irvine

                   Digital Leader: Lulu Wright


                   Sports Council:  Sean Donovan

                                       Zac Minshull

                                       Ashlea Sephton

                                       Alyssa Stoker


Class Information

no P.E. kits are needed on Thursday (indoor) and Friday (outdoor)

no Reading diaries will be checked regularly -
please encourage us to read at home as much as possible!  If Ms Prosser can see that we've read with an adult at home we will win Dojo points! 

no Reading books can be changed any day of the week



                                     Monday : Maths - return Thursday

                                     Wednesday : Punctuation - return the following Wednesday

                                     Thursday : Spelling - return the following Thursday

                                                      Maths - return Monday

                                     Friday : Grammar - return the following Friday


indecisionStar of the weekindecision

Ashlea Sephton

Matthew Taylor


frownfrownfrownThis week we have won:

                                   NOTHING!!!! cool cool cool


Birthdays this week:



frown frown News ... news ... news ...  frown frown


A fantastic well done to Ashlea, Erin, Margot, Mathew, Matthew, Mia, Sean, Sophie and Zac for the outstanding sporting results this Monday: football 4-1 and netball 16-3 - victories all round . 

Go us!!


Good luck on Thursday to Ashlea, Erin, Margot, Mathew, Matthew, Morgan, Sean, Sophie and Zac with their next games.


And finally ... Kieran has passed his piano exam - well done.


**** Also - get well soon Mia - hope your ankle is better soon. ****








(Natural Disasters)




Throughout the Spring term we will be looking at a range of 'Natural Disasters', from tornadoes and earthquakes to tsunamis and wild fires. We will focus on the reasons why these events occur, looking at the geology of the land, as well as looking at where in the world they occur. We will also be thinking about the impact these natural disasters have upon the communities; the people, the animals, the buildings and the natural environment.




In English we will be reading the fabulous spy thriller..."Stormbreaker" by Anthony Horowitz. We will be working on a range of different writing tasks, improving our descriptive writing, developing our persuasive work and presenting our very own self-designed spy gadgets!!! ('Q' would be very proud of us!)




We'll be looking all aspects of LIGHT in the first half term; considering how lights travels, how we see things, how light refracts and investigation the visible spectrum 


Spring term is a very important time for all of us in Year 6 and we begin our journey towards the SATs.



Autumn Term

English: Our English focus this term is the 'horror fiction' genre!
We will be reading -
 Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan &
 A range of short stories by Anthony Horrowitz

We will be learning how to write persuasively and we will be writing our own horror stories and learning how to write a story with a flashback!  We will also be comparing the text with the film.

In November, we will be working on poetry.  Writing firework poems and reading war poems before writing our own poems of Remembrance to also link with our World at War history topic..