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Welcome to Class 5P!


Our class teacher is Miss Pierce cheeky

Mrs Bauer
 will be teaching us on Wednesday mornings and we will be doing Computing with Mr Stevenson on Friday afternoons! frown
Mrs Hayward will be helping us out every afternoon 

Class Information

 Indoor P.E. is on Monday afternoons - bare feet or pumps only please. 

Outdoor P.E. is on Thursday afternoons - please remember jogging bottoms and jumpers/jackets during the colder months!


One piece of English homework and one piece of Maths homework will be given each week. The children will get their homework on a Monday and it will be due in on Friday.

Spelling homework will continue to be given on a 2-week cycle:

New spellings will be given out on Monday and the spellings should be put into sentences and handed back in on Friday of the same week. Spelling books will be given back out on this Friday for the children to practise the spellings for a test the following Friday. 



------------  Autumn Term  ------------




We began the year reading Harry Potter for Book Week! We created newspaper reports from the point of view of a Muggle, wrote Harry's diary entry from the night he discovered he was a wizard, gave Harry detailed instructions from Hagrid about how to get on to Platform 9 3/4  and composed our own 'house songs' in the style of the Sorting Hat after being sorted into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin! What a great two weeks!


We've also read Colin Thompson's 'How to Live Forever' which helped us with our work on Fantasy writing. We learnt how to create our own alliterative book titles, start sentences with similes and 'ing-' starters and eventually created our own fantasy stories using ideas from our work on Harry Potter to set the scene of a 'normal' school that becomes 'fantastical' at night, just like the library in How to Live Forever!








We've also looked at 'persuasive texts'! We used inspiration from Harry Potter and How to Live Forever to create a persuasive speech to stop people from choosing to use the Philosopher's Stone and live forever! We spent lots of time looking at the features of persuasive texts and using role-play to explore persasive phrases and sentence starters. We practised these skills by writing a letter to Mr Sheeran to persuade him not to take our breaks away - he wouldn't do that would he?!


We finished off the term by taking part in some performance poetry! We used 'Macavity the Mystery Cat' to practise developing expression, intonation, tone and volume of our voices.

We then performed our own versions of Lynley Dodd's 'Scarface Claw' in small groups! We're going to upload the videos soon so keep checking back!





We have covered the following topics in Maths this term:

Place Value

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division

We've been working really hard on developing our reasoning skills to solve problems and answer mathematical questions about methods and rules we know. We've focused on specific vocabulary to make our explanations of processes and methods clear. 



Our topic this term was Ancient Egypt! In History, we looked at the life of Ancient Egyptians as well as the importance of the pyramids and the Egyptian's belief in a number of gods and goddesses. We learnt about the mummification process and why the Egyptians did this in such a specific way, based on their understanding of the 'afterlife'. We created some non-chronological reports about the pyramids and learnt about how the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb helped us learn so much more about the Egyptian pyramids. 


In Geography, we used the Nile river as a basis for learning the journey of a river from source to mouth! There was a lot of vocabulary for us to learn! We were also able to use this information to help us understand the importance of the Nile to the Egyptian's daily life.


With Mrs Menary's help, we spent lots of our Music lessons learning the different types of notes and how long they last. We now know the difference between a crochet, minim, semi-breve and quaver - even Miss Pierce can do it!


In Art and D.T. we used all of the things we had learnt about the Egyptians and rivers to create sketches of Egyptian artefacts and a 3D model of a river which showed it's journey!


------------  Spring Term ------------




We used the film clip 'Alma' to help us explore writing techniques to create short mystery stories! We learnt how to 'hook' a reader in to our story in the first few sentences and then thought about using ellipses, rhetorical questions, varying sentence lengths and a range of senses to create a mysterious setting and dialogue!

Watch the clip below to see where we got our inspiration from!


We have also looked at more non-fiction writing this term and created some non-chronological reports based on our work on the UK in Geography. We learned how to use brackets and dashes for parenthesis when adding relative clauses to our writing. Relative clauses helped us to be more specific when writing our information text, giving extra detail about what we were writing about. 



We looked at 'historical fiction' and used the text Street Child by Berlie Doherty as inspiration. We learnt about what life was like in the UK in the 1860s, particularly for poor children living in slums or on the streets. We researched Dr. Thomas Barnardo and his work in London and discovered that Jim Jarvis (the protagonist of Street Child) was based on the real-life Jim Jarvis who is said to have been the boy that prompted Barnardo to open his first children's home and vow to help all children living on the streets.

We explored the dialect of the period and practised using some common East End slang and sayings to help create the 'historical' aspect of our stories. We found out about the horrors of life in the workhouse and the types of terrible jobs children would have had to do, expanding our vocabulary and descriptive writing. By the end of the term we had written our own historical fiction stories set in the 1860s, inspired by Street Child, Oliver Twist and the work of Thomas Barnardo. 




We focused on Geography this term, in particular the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the water cycle. We created fact-files and located our local counties as well as main cities and significant landmarks across the UK. 

We learnt about the water cycle and how this affects the weather in the UK and began to learn how to record average temperature and rainfall for Southport on different types of graphs. 


In Science we have been looking at the life cycles of different plants and animals. We are in the process of growing our own spider plant from a tiny 'spiderling' from its parent plant! We've compared the life cycles of plants and mammals and we're going to go on to compare these to insects and amphibians that undergo metamorphosis and to the eggs that birds lay. We've also learnt about Jane Goodall and the work she did to protect endangered chimpanzees in Tanzania and created our own awareness leaflets. 


In Music, we have been learning how to play the backing music to Fresh Prince of Bel Air on the keyboard! It's quite tricky but we're getting there - hopefully we can upload a video or two soon! We've also been adapting the song to create our own raps - Fresh Prince of Birkdale!


In P.E. we have been learning how yoga can not only help improve the health of our bodies but also of our minds. We've been practising stretches and poses that stretch and strengthen our muscles and we've developed some of our own new yoga moves! We've also thought about how, when we concentrate only on these moves and our steady breathing, we focus our minds and this can help us feel calmer and more in control. We've explored lots of peaceful, relaxing music to help this. (Miss Pierce gave out some posters with yoga poses and positive affirmations on for us to use at home - there are plenty more if anyone would like another or wants to give one to a family member or friend to try!)


------------ Summer Term ------------





We are beginning the term with the narrative poem 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. As well as looking at some specific poetic devices used in this poem, such as similes, metaphors and effective repetition, we are also going to be considering the effectiveness of telling a short story through a poem.

We're going to be working on performing this poem alongside Fleetwood Mac's Everywhere music video to develop the timing of our delivery. Check back soon to see our recordings!





Our topic this term is Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, which follows on from our work on the Roman's invasion of Britain in Year 4. We're going to start by developing an understanding of why and when both groups began to invade and settle in Britain before considering how they managed this and why Britain struggled to defend itself. 

We're going to be working on making our own Viking longhouses using authentic Viking technique of 'daub and wattle' and Anglo-Saxon shields in 3D form for printing.