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Welcome to Class 5P!



Our class teacher is Miss Pierce cheeky

Mrs Corlett will be teaching us on Wednesday mornings and we will be doing Computing with Mr Stevenson on Friday afternoons! frown
Mrs Willocks will be helping us out every afternoon 

Class Information

  • Outdoor P.E. is on Monday afternoons - please remember jogging bottoms and jumpers/jackets during the colder months!
  • Indoor P.E. is on Thursday afternoons - bare feet or pumps only please!




  •  One piece of English homework and one piece of Maths homework will be given each week. The children will get their homework on a Friday and it will be due in the following Friday.


  • Spelling homework will continue to be given on a 2-week cycle:
  • New spellings will be given out on Monday and the spellings should be put into sentences and given in on Friday of the same week. Spelling books will be given back out on this Friday for the children to practise the spellings for a test the following Friday. 



Autumn Term




We began the year reading Harry Potter for Book Week! We created newspaper reports from the point of view of a Muggle, wrote Harry's diary entry from the night he discovered he was a wizard, gave Harry detailed instructions from Hagrid about how to get on to Platform 9 3/4  and composed our own 'house songs' in the style of the Sorting Hat after being sorted into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin! What a great two weeks!



We've also read Colin Thompson's 'How to Live Forever' which helped us with our work on Fantasy writing. We learnt how to create our own alliterative book titles, start sentences with similes and 'ing-' starters and eventually created our own fantasy stories using ideas from our work on Harry Potter to set the scene of a 'normal' school that becomes 'fantastical' at night, just like the library in How to Live Forever!


We've now just finished our work on Persuasion! We used inspiration from Harry Potter and How to Live Forever to create a persuasive speech to stop people from choosing to use the Philosopher's Stone and live forever! We spent lots of time looking at the features of persuasive texts and using role-play to explore persasive phrases and sentence starters. We practised these skills by writing a letter to Mr Sheeran to persuade him not to take our breaks away - he wouldn't do that would he?!