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Welcome to our class page. Here you will find lots of interesting and useful information about our class!


Class teacher: Miss Howes (Mrs Mohammadi teaches us on a Wednesday morning and a Friday afternoon)

Teaching assistants: Mrs Brown (Guided reading and English) Mrs Hayward (Maths) and Mrs Scutt (Maths and Science)

School councillor: Jamie Snow

Eco group representative: Lola Simpson

STAR group representative: Ellie Webb

Digital leader: Noah Beyer-Kay

Birkdale Buddy Class: 1A




Indoor PE: Monday afternoon

Outdoor PE: Friday afternoon





Handed out Friday (due the following Friday.)

Spellings (2 week cycle)

Spellings handed out on a Friday.

Spellings Homework (each word into a sentence) due the following Thursday.

Spelling Test every other Thursday.

Don't forget to bring it back in completed please.






Hector the Hare is our class pet! He goes home with a different child every Friday to learn something new. The children can then write in his diary explaining what they learnt together. If you would like to take photos of your weekend with Hector you can email them to for the attention of Miss Howes. I can then print them for you and stick them in the diary.








History and Geography:

This term we have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. We had a great time learning all the gruesome details for making a mummy (we even had a go ourselves!)


We learnt all about the Egyptian Gods, the pyramids and what life was like in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used a device called a 'shaduf' to lift water from the River Nile and in Design Technology we had a go at making one! It was great fun sawing the wood and tying the pieces together like the Egyptians would have done. We also baked Egyptian bread - mmmmm!

We then looked at rivers in lots of detail after looking at the River Nile. We learnt all the different features of a river and made paper mache models showing all that we had learnt!


Look how great they are!





In science we have been studying different materials and their properties. It was great fun doing lots of experiments to test them!

We then moved onto forces. This led to even more super experiments testing air resistance, water resistance and friction. We have really enjoyed making predictions and learning how to always make our experiment a fair test.



We got off to a great start this year with some AMAZING English work in Year 5! 

We started with our book week theme of Harry Potter. We were sorted into Hogwarts houses by the Sorting Hat and set to work writing lots of exciting pieces as part of this exciting topic. We reported on very strange 'wizarding' goings-on in a muggle newspaper, we wrote diary entries as Harry after he had just heard the most exciting news of his life, we wrote our own Hogwarts song in the style of the sorting hat and we wrote Harry detailed instructions for how to get to Platform 9 ¾ from Hagrid! We had lots of fun - especially when we got dressed up for Harry Potter day!


The next text we studied was Colin Thompson's 'How to Live Forever'. This magical story takes place in a secret world, hidden within the books and shelves of a library. We wrote out own fantasy story in the style of the book and learnt lots about alliteration, using '-ing' starters and mixing together action, dialogue and descrption.


Next we looked at writing for persuasion. We used inspiration from Harry Potter and 'How to Live Forever' and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of living forever. Would you want to? Would you choose to keep the Philosopher's Stone or read the magic book and live forever? The persuasive speeches that wrote might have helped you to decide! They were very persuasive!


We finished off the term by studying performance poetry. We used 'Macavity the Mystery Cat' as our focus and working in groups to learn different verses. We added actions and focused on adding lots of expression, tone and volume to our performances.



We used what we had learnt when working on Macavity and applied it to performances of 'Scarface Claw' by Lynley Dodd.







In geography this term we have been learning all about the United Kingdom! We have looked at how the United Kingdom is split into four countries (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) and how these are split in to counties, filled with cities, landmarks, mountains and rivers!

We have looked at different types of maps including a topographical map which shows the height of all the land in the UK. We painted potatoes with the colour coded contour lines to help us understand this better.


In science so far this spring we have been learning all about living things and their habitats. From how plants and animals reproduce to metamorphosis! We have found all of it really interesting and we have learnt lots of new vocabulary.
These are some photographs of us trying to find the male and female parts of a flower.


We started the new term looking at mystery stories. We watched 'Alma'  - a very mysterious and spooky story about a little girl who goes into a very strange shop of dolls... We loved the story and had a great time learning about metaphors, using ellipsis and focusing on using all of our senses to create dramatic and detailed description. We wrote our own versions of the story using a parallel narrative and they were great! You can watch Alma here...


Next we set to work writing our own non-chronological reports. We learnt how to use relative clauses and linked it to our Geography topic and wrote non-chronological reports about the UK.


Our next English topic this half term was historical fiction. We started reading the novel 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty which tells the story of Thomas Banardo and how he helped children like Jim Jarvis live a better life. 

We loved finding out more about Thomas Banardo and children in the Victorian times. We used clips from the film 'Oliver!' to help us imagine what it would be like to be a pickpocketing street child ourselves and clips from 'Mary Poppins' to see just how lucky chimney sweeps can be! Using all of our research we write fantastic stories about our own imaginary street child who found their way from the Workhouse to Dr Banardo (with some adventures, Victorian slang, mishaps and nasty jobs inbetween!)

We linked our art week to our Street Child unit by using ICT to design our own 'Street Child' book front cover and we used a digital camera to take photographs of flowers which we printed off lots of times and layered to create beautiful decoupage plates.






We have begun the Summer term this year by looking at narrative poetry and we are focusing on 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. This poem tells a thrilling, dark and sad story and we are really enjoying studying all of the techniques used by the poet - metaphors, repetition, similes, onomatopoeia to name just a few!

The poem was first published in 1906 so we have had to do lots of work researching some of the words we have never heard before. Once we had pieced everything together we had great discussions in class - whose side should we be on? Why are we rooting for the Highwayman when technically he should be the bad guy?! The very conflicted members of 5H are looking forward to investigating the story even further...



At the moment our topic is 'Animals including humans'. This has been really interesting so far looking at life cycles, human life timelines and what happens as we get older.



Our history topic this term is the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. We are learning about how and why they invaded Britain and the changes they made to our country following the Romans leaving. Lots of the changes they made and places they named remain the same today! 

We are definitely going to use some Viking techniques when it comes to building replica Viking longhouses. They were known for their amazing 'Wattle and daub' wall building technique so we are going to have a go later on in this half term!

Fun fact: the Anglo-Saxons named market towns with names ending in 'port' so we know that they are the ones who named Southport!





Keep checking back to our page to hear more of the fun things we are getting up to in 5H...


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