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Welcome to 4M!


Our class teacher is Mrs Menary.

We also have Mr Nuttall and Mrs Stewart working in our class.

On Tuesday afternoons we have Mrs Cousins and Mrs Mohammadi teaching us Computing and R.E .

Important Information

P.E indoor (spring and summer term)

P.E outdoor


Scotland- Let's Unite

We have been learning all about Scotland during the spring term. Our knowledge of the Romans from the autumn term has helped us when finding out new things such as the Barbarian conspiricy and Hadrians Wall. We are going to be using our art and D.T skills to create our own tartan whilst finding out information about some of the different clans. 


We have been reading a class novel called 'The Wee Free Men' by Terry Pratchett. This is a fiction book set in Scotland. It follows a girl named Tiffany, a witch called Miss Tick and a whole host of little blue men in kilts who get into all sorts of mischief!

(Mrs Menary's Scottish accent certainly needs a little bit of work!)


The Maya- Wild Thing!

This is a FASCINATING topic which we will be starting in the summer term. Based in Central America, the Maya people have been around for thousands of years and, as a consequence, is an area of history full of interesting stories and beliefs. So, watch this space as we delve into the mystery that is...



Our class novel for the summer term is 'Middleworld' by J and P Voelkel. This story follows a young boy who travels to Central America in search of his parents. Along the way he realises that the Maya myths and legends he has been told about may not be myths and legends at all...